Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I must share this with you and yes, I am well aware that it borders on the vulgar but nevertheless it must be told:


My husband told me about an NFL football player that couldn't play this past Sunday because of an undisclosed illness.


During a radio interview, Boomer Esiason divulged that the player had a staph infection that caused his manly bits to swell up to the "size of grapefruits" (that might be hyperbole on Tom's part)


I winced in sympathy.


But the mental image I have of a big, tough NFL player mincing along bow-legged will be with me for days.


Now you too can have this image in YOUR brain.


No need to thank me.

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Jenster said...

My husband told me about a family member who was in the hospital years ago who saw a man suffering from "elephantitis of the balls." Your post just reminded me of that!