Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22nd - Fun for everyone

Big day today – not only is it my birthday (which I share with Jack Nicholson), but it is also Earth Day (be nice to the Earth, it’s the only one we’ve got) and Administrative Professionals Day.

In celebration of APD I’ve compiled a list of noteworthy Administrative Professionals:

Mrs. Wiggins

Miss Moneypenny - Although she worked for "M", James was her one true love.

Waylon Smithers - who secretly longs for Mr. Burns

Baldrick - dogsbody for The Black Adder

Jennifer Marlowe - Receptionist for WKRP in Cincinnati - Don't let the blonde hair fool you, she was the smartest one at the station

Who would you have picked?


Betsy said...

Happy Birthday, my almost birthday twin! You share an important day with a lot of important people and things. Hope it was a good one!

ojamam said...

What?! No Miss Hathaway (Beverly Hillbillies)?

What about Radar (M*A*S*H)?

Or my favorite, Miss O'Schmuncler from the movie version of The Lorax. (Take a letter, Miss O'Schmuncler, to my cousin, Yoni Yuncler, general manager, Thneeds Incorporated, Stockholm, Sweden: Dear Yoni . . .)

And speaking of letters, what about Maria, from "take a letter, Maria. Address it to my wife . . ."

P.S. Happy Birthday, dear old thing!

Jenster said...

It's hard to pick a favorite, but, being a British comedy fan, I'd have to pick the scene from The Black Adder. Mrs. Wiggins is a close second, just becauase I've actually worked with people like her!