Monday, April 06, 2009

general announcements

We are heading into the final days of Lent.  When is over, I'll have been without soda for 40 days.  The first couple of days were very hard. I had to give up my daily Pepsi, which caused me to have massive headaches as the caffeine to which I had become addicted slowly left my body.
As part of Lent, in addition to giving up something that I enjoy, I'm also giving up "stuff" in my life.  Not just the clutter that seems to surround me at home, but the clutter that surrounds my heart.  I'm giving up the resentment I've been harboring towards a particular person.  It is not doing me or my marriage any good, so I'm letting it go.
For those of you who don't know, April in my birth month.
I share this month with other friends and family including but not limited to my mother and my wee niece Verna Mavis.
Please note that I'm not trolling for gifts or anything, but should you feel the need to show your love and affection for Nejyerf, I'm going to give you a gift idea.
Pay attention Mum!!
I would love an iTunes gift card.  As you may or may not know, I got an iPod Touch for Christmas and have been building my music library. But the iPod Touch does more than just play music. I can also download movies and TV episodes and books and music videos.   
Just a thought for those interested parties.
The time has come to pack away my winter wardrobe and bring out my spring/summer clothes.  Just in time too, considering that the pants I've been wearing all winter are a size too big.  I'm putting all of them in the Good Will bin and will think about shopping for new clothes next fall.


Sanna said...

Good show old chap - I'm very happy for all the things you said

Misty said...

Good for you... really... It's really hard to empty our lives of that sort of clutter.

Jenster said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!

You should be a 12-year-old boy. At his last birthday party, my son made a killing on iTunes gift cards. He's been buying stuff like crazy and still hasn't gone through half the cards.

Kay said...

Man, no soda for 40 days? You are my hero.

Also, I wish I could pack up the winter clothes, but it snowed here both yesterday and today.

And happy birthday! :)

PhantomMinuet said...

I gave up sweets and shopping. Didn't do so well on the sweets. Did great on the shopping.