Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Belated Easter Tidings

I spent the Easter holiday with my parents out in PA...and before those of you who live in PA start up with the whole "why didn't you come see me", we came in late Saturday and left Sunday afternoon. I wouldn't have had the time to visit each and every one of you. Maybe next time!

More importantly, I want to introduce you to "My Precious"

Isn't she a beauty? She is an early birthday present to myself.

We will be friends for life.


Betsy said...

An ORANGE stapler!!!! Oh, this so reminds me of Office Space. I love it!

Kay said...

OMG, awesome stapler. I had no idea they came in orange!

You would love it up here, Jen. Our school's color is orange and that's even the name of our team. I see a lot of orange on a daily basis. :)

Jenster said...

She's awfully purdy.

Melody said...

Congratulations. I am sure you two will be happy for a long time.