Friday, April 03, 2009

update on the razor blades

I checked on eBay. 
They are selling the razor blades for cheap. As well as the baby formula that G Love mentioned. 
eBay is the modern-day blackmarket.
I don't want to pay the ridiculous prices the stores are asking for these thin pieces of metal, nor do I want to support the thieving bastards. 
If only I could talk Tom into using an electric razor or growing a beard.
I myself would give up shaving my legs no problem.  Actually,  while we are on the subject, last time I shaved my legs was in October.  You should see them.  They look like men's legs. 
Oh yes, I am lovely to cuddle up to on a cold winters night!!
What is the longest you have gone without shaving?


ojamam said...

april 1996 and counting!

Ami said...

Ah! That makes so much sense. I always forget about the eBay market.

I think I've gone a few weeks without shaving my legs, but I actually have pretty sparse hair on my legs so it doesn't make much difference. My arm pits, though, I can't stand to leave unshaven. I shave them almost every day religiously.

Betsy said...

Probably about 3 months. went through two razors when I finally hacked thorough it. I'm not all that crazy about shaving the legs.

Jess said...

I've shaved my legs twice in the last three years... some days you gotta love being blond...