Thursday, August 02, 2007


My mother-in-law’s ashes are sitting on my mantel.

The fact that they have been up there for several weeks doesn’t bother me in the least.

What is bothering me is that my mother-in-law’s ashes are sitting on my mantel in a cocktail sauce container.

My first thought when I saw my husband put the container on the mantel was “I wonder if she even liked shrimp?”

I might be a little dead inside

Note:He was not responsible for putting her ashes in that container. That would be his clueless sister.


Cory said...

I'm so sorry. Did she recently die?

Last week I went to a funeral for one of my clients. His ashes were displayed in a cookie jar shaped like a cupcake. There were some mixed comments about that.

I hope you're feeling better.

Kay said...

Umm, that's... odd. If I were you, I'd be afraid that something would knock the cocktail sauce container off the mantel, and then your mother-in-law would be all over your carpet. I think she deserves better, like a tasteful urn (translation: something with a lid).

I don't think you're dead inside. I would have thought the same thing. Maybe that makes us equally twisted?

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping this isn't her perma-home. Tell me this isn't her perma-home?!?!

My husband was telling me about how his aunt took the ashes of her late husband and made a diamond out of him which she wears around her neck. There is something very creepy about that to me.

Jenny said...

Please clarify which sister you are referring to since I'm one of husband's sisters, but not the clueless one! BTW - mom really loved shrimp...

Betsy said...

Perhaps the sister was not so clueless. Maybe it was her last dig at Mom, where she's guaranteed to have the last laugh.

At least, that's how it would be in my family.

njaney said...

...from someone who wants to be cremated, um, that's not the container I would choose...but it opens up a great debate of what would be a good container to rest forever in...

ms. biped said...

should i tell you that i am sorry for your loss? i mean, it is sad that your mother-in-law died.

is it okay if i also think it is wildly funny that her ashes are in a cocktail sauce container?

oh, that's awful.

i hope she had a good sense of humor.

p.s. i am a moron. there should be no inferiority complexes.

Jen said...

Well, it wouldn't be my first choice but maybe she's getting a good giggle over it up there. Good to see you blogging again, even if it is about your mother in laws ashes!

kay said...

I'll see your cocktail sauce container, and raise you a husband who actually *pushed the burner button on the crematorium oven when his mother was cremated.*

And his devoted wife (me) who stood and watched with him as the oven kicked in.

Creepy? Damn straight. An oddly touching final farewell? Yes.

Are we kindred souls, you and me?

I'm thinkin' so.

Are there also decorative little cocktail forks or picks of some kind, forming a soldier-like formation around the jar?

Because that would be awesome.