Monday, August 27, 2007

orange you glad i didn't say banana

I like the color orange.

Not particularly the blaze orange that hunters wear but all other oranges.

I have an orange skirt, orange wallet, orange and yellow plaid capri pants, orange trim on my new balance sneakers etc.

One of my favorite orange items is this mug that my mother got me for Christmas last year.

The mug says: ORANGE:

You are bold
Daring and a

You are fearless
Funny and

You love to talk

Your extroverted
and buoyant
attitude give you strength

I love this mug.

So imagine my distress to discover my beloved orange mug clutched in the dirty paws of my husband, who is CLEARLY not bold, daring and adventurous although he IS fearless obviously, since he dared to use my special mug, and he most certainly does not have a BUOYANT attitude (although he is definitely gaseous)

I firmly demanded that he unhand my orange mug and suggested that, in the future, he please use any of the other 25 mugs in the cupboard which are available for his personal use.

Perhaps the Giants mug that I bought him for Christmas might be a suitable exchange?

Now what have we learned from this story (other than Jen needs to practice her sharing skills?)


Kay said...

I have learned never to use your orange mug under penalty of death.

I completely understand, though. I have an old mug with a cat on it, and I feel the same way about it.

Allknowingjen said...

I have learned that I don't need to squint at the picture to read it- you will nicely tell me what it says!
(*must learn to scroll down!)

It's a great mug! Is the "Blue" one just as cool? My personal favorite has a handpainted northwoods scene on it. I completely understand your posessiveness.

G said...

I've learned that you like orange. It's a great color. Often underappreciated. Buoyant, indeed!

3 Parrots Island said...

I learned what g learned...

Dana said...

Orange (and the description) fits you perfectly from what I've read! My favorite coffee mug was given to me by my son...and I don't like anyone's lips on it but mine!!!

Jen said...

You should add another line to your mug. "You are possessive." But there's nothing wrong with that!

Jess said...

Adrienne recently broke her favorite mug and favorite travel mug... don't ask me how or why but both were sitting on her desk, her laptop slipped she went to catch it and she knocked her mug off the desk and her travel OUT THE WINDOW!... she was very sad...
Thanks for the package! I will put it to immediate good use... (oh and i just happened to find a copy of the Other Boylyn Girl at the thrift store last week)...

east village idiot said...

I love the color orange too. there is something very geniune about it.

And boy do I understand the mug ownership issue!

great post.

smtwngrl said...

I'm a firm believer that the mug someone uses says a lot about the person. In your case, it spells it out! Great mug!

I just purchased a new mug for myself as a new job gift. It's bright green with little blue flowers and a raised flower pattern on the outside, and a swirly flower drawing on the inside. I'll have to post a picture someday.

(*Whispering* Psst - I watched, and enjoyed, American Dreamz, too. Don't be embarrassed.)

Lula said...

Love orange .. we both have the same template on blogger .. orange .. it's the not so girly pink.