Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Hot August Night Party was neither Hot nor at Night…..discuss.

A pictorial review:

Our Gracious Hosts : Big Jim and Sue and Will (Sanna's Mom and Dad and nephew)

Sanna's Dave - he is tall and quiet and is a drummer in a band

Said Pow - Dave's Band

Sanna's Sister Johanna and Sue

Jimmy, Big Jim and Uncle Al - Jimmy is Sanna's older brother and I don't mind admitting that I had a minor crush on him growing up.

The food was on the picnic table - pulled pork sandwiches, chicken for tacos, corn on the cob, salad, cookies, endless amounts of food as only Sue can do.

The kegerator was doing a booming business.

The satiated guests were sprawled on the lawn listening to the live music when suddenly there was a commotion on the stage. The porch had torn away from its moorings against the side of house. The band had very nearly brought down the house!

All hands were called to save the kegerater, which was listing severely to the left.

This brought an effective end to the music portion of the evening.

Shortly thereafter the keg was kicked. In an ordinary family, this would have caused the party to come to a crashing halt. But Sanna's family are seasoned partyers so they hauled out the bottled beer and kept on drinking.

At that point, I called it quits and hied myself home with yet another Hot August Night under my belt.


Kay said...

Sounds like a fun party! The band must have been great if they almost brought down the house.

Anonymous said...

one correction: "uncle roy" is Uncle Al.

and no one was hurt in the ruination of the porch decking.

Except maybe the contractor after my dad gets to him.


Dana said...


absolutely! glad to know no one was hurt...but would love to hear that band!

nejyerf said...

correction noted...sorry uncle al

Liz said...

This post made me want to crush a beer can against my forehead.

Anonymous said...

I am anticipating Kay's 'read' on Dave!!!!!
Complete honesty and full disclosure please :)