Thursday, August 16, 2007

deathly hallows

Over the weekend I finally finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

These are just a few of the Things That Fell By The Wayside whilst I read Deathly Hallows:

– I am down to my last raggedy pair of underpants and if I don’t do laundry soon I’ll have to resort to that age old remedy of wearing a pair of my husband’s shorts. And don’t tell me you’ve never done that in a pinch!!

Pantry – We need the staples: bread and milk and Oreo cookies

– my nephew Jason turned 7 on the 11th and I owe him a birthday gift. Other people with birthdays in August include 1 father, 1 sister-in-law, 1 grandmother, 1 aunt and 1 cousin plus a grand-parents anniversary - 62 years. What do you get a couple that has been married that long? I’ll tell you. Gift certificates for dinner's out, baby. Any time Gma doesn’t have to cook is a good time for everyone. Except Aunt Jane, who at 50+ years of age still goes to her mother’s for dinner.

Netflix Queue – up next – Sunset Boulevard - Norma Desmond: I *am* big. It's the pictures that got small.

Personal maintenance – desperately need hair cut and lip and brow wax. We are getting a little wild and woolly. And someday I think I’ll get up the nerve and go all Brazilian just so I can say I’ve tried everything once.

Watching reruns of The Office – why hasn’t anyone told me I should be watching this show?! It’s brilliant. And I will admit it right here and now, at first I was strangely attracted to Dwight, but Kevin is growing on me.

Anticipating the party that I’m going to this weekend. It’s the annual “Hot August Night” at my friend Sanna’s family farm. Ostensibly, I’m going to the party because I was invited and I want be sociable and see people I haven’t seen in a while, but really I’m going to vet her new boyfriend. I must needs subject him to the rigorous “Are You Deemed Good Enough For My Best Friend” questions. We shall see.

Making ice cream in my kitchen maid. I had to go all over god’s little acre to find Heath bars. So this had better be the best damn ice cream EVER.

As a final note – late last night I was watching Larry King interview Priscilla Presley. Her face looks like it is made of plastic and could melt if gets too close to the sun.


3 Parrots Island said...

Did you like the book? I almost made myself cross-eyed trying to get through it quickly before everything got spilled on the internet. I thought it was great - and I'm sorry the series is over. I was all prepared for what I thought would be the real ending too...either way- still good.

ANYways...I can say I've never worn the Man's briefs. Am I curious? Eh. Hard to say.

Kay said...

Man, I really need to start watching The Office. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about that show.

Have fun at your party this weekend!

Jess said...

Another series you should have caught... only ran one season so you can do it quickly... is Firefly... if you stop by or meet me for breakfast i'll even lend you my copy...

mandolyn said...

Dude. The Office. It rocks my world. Real hard.

Oh, and you're more than awesome. More on that later, possibly with a stamp and an envelope.

mannyed said...

I think I'm going to have to get The Office on DVD to catch up...

Mainebikerchick said...

SO?? What did you think of the book? I've been DYING to talk to someone who has finished it! I am a WICKED speed reader, so most people I know of who are reading it are not yet done.

Missed ya!!


Gillian said...

I'm so glad you visited me at the Reluctant Grownup! Thanks for your nice compliment - what a great thing to read.

I've read your latest couple of entries - I think you're a rockin' writer yourself. I will be checking back.

PS Just borrowed Deathly Hallows from my sister at last, but haven't had a chance to start it. I'm itching to get going on it!

kay said...

Question: Which bear is best?

"Office" aficionados will get that.

Take pictures of the new boyfriend, so that I can make some shallow judgments about a total stranger, based on my innate ability to "read" people.

I'm serious. I'm good at it.

I hope this party plan means that you're feeling better? Great, even?

Renee said...

Jen, i so enjoy reading what you blog, no, i never ever ever ever ever wore your uncle's undies never not even in a pinch, i would do without first, ps. why pay someone to do brazilian on you when you can do it with ease your own self, with a steady hand and a good sharp triple blade shaver.

Anonymous said...

May I recommend the British (original) 'The Office" - way funnier than the Steve Carrel version ,great though that is.