Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lunch Challenge

Sanna and I have an ongoing lunch challenge.

You all know Sanna right?

My best good friend since the 4th grade?

Say “Hi” Sanna

Here we are in 1996 - waiting for her boyfriend at the time to finish making us dinner....beef Oscar was on the menu. we were so cute and so young and so drunk..

But I digress… I was saying, we have a lunch challenge.

Nearly every day, I email Sanna what I’m having for lunch. This was yesterday’s challenge:

Jen: Today I am having an egg salad sandwich (from the roach coach) sun chips - french onion and a pepsi. followed by strawberry krimpets.


Sanna: turkey ham club from starbucks, one peach and one raspberry yogurt from Starbucks.

I’m never really sure who wins. The person with the most healthy and well balanced meal?

Or the person who has scraped the bottom of her snack drawer and fashioned a lunch from a can of tuna and lipton cup of soup and fortune cookies from a previous chinese lunch?

Either way, it’s a bright spot in both our days.

Today I’m having:

A Lean Cuisine meal - rosemary chicken – roasted chicken tenderloins in a garlic rosemary sauce, spinach and brown rice, Pepperidge farm goldfish, water and strawberry krimpets...again (because I have a whole box of them stashed in my snack cubby)



Kay said...

Hi, Sanna!

OK, let's see: Today I had a peanut butter sandwich, some grapes, a granola bar, and a can of caffeine-free Coke. Oh, and a very large slice of strawberry shortcake with buttercream frosting. (We had a retirement party for someone at work today.)

Dana said...

Oh my, today is not the day for me to answer THIS challenge!

oh and a Diet Coke to cancel out the calories...
But if you would have challenged me yesterday, I would have told you whole wheat open faced ham and cheese topped with bruschetta...

(um, maybe it's a local thing, but just what is a Krimpet?)

smtwngrl said...

Today's lunch was leftovers: Chicken with Balsamic Tomato and Red Pepper Sauce over Couscous...Yum! And a fruit salad made with fresh fruit and a little vanilla yogurt for dessert. Double yum!

I'll admit though, I absolutely love some of those Lean Cuisines. And if I had room for them in my stupid tiny freezer, I'd gladly eat them almost every day.

Anonymous said...

What are strawberry krimpets?

Jen said...

Oooh, today I had homemade french onion soup and eggplant caponata on garlic toasts. Sooooo good! Do I win?

Oh, and I'm with teacherbee - What ARE krimpets?