Tuesday, September 04, 2007

labor day recap

Labor Day turned out to be a day of labor for me.

Since we were hosting the fantasy football draft, of course we had to feed the drafters.

My uninspired menu consisted of:

Hot dogs
3 – cheese macaroni and cheese
barbequed baked beans
broccoli slaw oh so good and NO mayo
3 kinds of mini-cheesecakes (strawberry, cherry and blueberry) – which I forgot to put out until too late so now I’m saddled with 20+ wee cheesecakes
various other nibbly things.

I can say with confidence that everyone left with full bellies and so far, no reports of food-poisoning.

Regarding the draft itself, my husband pulled the #1 out of the hat and got to be the first to make a pick.

Much to everyone’s surprise he chose Steven Jackson, a running back for the St. Louis Rams as his first round pick.

When asked why he didn’t pick the heavily favored LaDainian Tomlinson his explanation was two-fold: LT has a new coach and has a hard, 14-2 schedule. We’ll see if he is right as the season unfolds!!

In other, husband related news, he spent his 40th birthday very quietly. He did some much needed landscaping around the house and we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch – I had a gift card.

Sunday, his friends Jay and Flounder (fraternity pledge name) took him out to celebrate. My dearly beloved husband left with $200 in his pocket. He returned with approximately $3 in his pocket. The girls at the “Bada Bing”? Their G-strings were approximately $197 heavier! Although the drinks weren't cheap either.


Jenny said...

My brother must have been the happiest man alive this weekend. Strippers AND the #1 draft pick! It can only go downhill from here for the rest of 2007

smtwngrl said...

Did you alter that recipe? Because the one at the link calls for a cup of mayo...and I was so excited to try something new! If you did alter, please let me know how :o)

re: the paint -- The trim color isn't too dark at all. (It's more blue than gray, I think, and pretty light.) My ceilings aren't high either and I don't think it's too dark at all.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, my date night got kicked to the curb because of Fantasy draft weekend. Poker Saturday, FULL day of draft Sunday, and post-draft partying Sunday night.

While my husband was gone I had a lot of time to clean my house and drunk dial Nero's, our neighborhood Italian restaurant, for some muscles and Zuppa de Pesce.

Jen said...

So, I'll just get the part of me not knowing anything about football players and the teams out of the way. I'm clueless. I do throwdown one hell of a Super Bowl party though! Holla!! For our labor day I made the husband do all the work, he did some killer ribs on his new BBQ and I was more than happy to taste test them for him. That's my idea of a good labor day!

Gledwood said...

that was an entertaining post!
is that picture really you..??
most amusingly funky glasses I have to say.. better than mine.. which i thought looked jazzy at the time, now they just hang on the skew making me look like a human percentage sign
this is a lovely blog
come to mine one day
i'm at gledwood2.blogspot
see you there hopefully
all the best

"Vol 2" ...

smtwngrl said...

Thanks for fixing the link. I'll have to give it a try some time. You rock!