Wednesday, September 19, 2007

time for a tag

It's hump day and as such, I'm going to do a tag:

I usually avoid tags like the plague, but Dana appealed to my vanity by complimenting my writing, so the very least I can do is reciprocate by doing the tag.

Luckily, this is one of those tags that forces a person to admit strange things about themselves.

So here goes, prepare to be shocked, awed, disgusted, repelled and yet strangely attracted….

Eight random facts/habits about me.

1) I like murder mystery books. The more gore the better. I used to like romance novels, but over the course of 13 years of married life, my eyes have been opened and I have realized that the definition of love and romance is being able to read your murder mystery book in solitude while your true love is downstairs watching football.

2) I like to pluck errant chin hairs. As a matter of fact, right now I'm sitting at my computer, plucking away between sentences.

3) I clip my toe-nails while sitting on the edge of the bed. Which in turn, means that
I will have occasion to remove a toe-nail clipping that has become embedded in the sole of my bare foot.

4) Sometimes when I tell someone they are in my prayers, I never really pray for them. I just say it to be nice at the time. I’m thinking I 'm going to hell for this one.

5) I haven't worn my engagement and wedding rings in years. My fingers got too fat and I didn't think I would ever get them off again. Then I lost a little weight and with copious amounts of hand lotion,I managed to get them off. Why don't I get them made bigger you ask? Probably for the same reason why I'm keeping a pair of size 8 jeans from college....because some day I'm going to fit into them again. Don't COULD happen.

6) I don't like vegetables. Never have, never will. Raw carrots and celery makes my lips get all tingly and puffy and I start to wheeze if i eat too many of them. Peeling potatoes also makes me sneeze and wheeze. Why oh why couldn't I be allergic to oreos and butterscotch krimpets?

7) The last time I wore make-up was in May when I went to my sister-in-law's college graduation. Please refer to below photo.

8) I think I suffer from reverse anorexia, I put on an outfit and think to myself, you're looking pretty svelte in this outfit. But a picture is worth a thousand words. Please refer again to picture to the right. I'm having my picture taken, the least I could have done was suck in the gut don't you think?


Dana said...

I wondered how you felt about being tagged....LOVED THIS! YOU ROCK!!!
1. So true girl, so true.
4. Don't we all.
5. Sigh, I say I have a closet full of hope and nothing to wear...

Thanks so much for being a good sport about it...I probably won't ever do another tag meme again as I don't have an abundance of readers and don't really care for the pressure...:)unless you ask of course! :)

Kay said...

I love murder mysteries too! And doesn't everyone clip their toenails while sitting on the edge of the bed? Also, I think pretty much everybody hates vegetables. If I ever come across a person who clips their toenails in a weird place and loves veggies, then he/she is definitely NOT somebody to be trusted.

Jennifer said...

"I have realized that the definition of love and romance is being able to read your murder mystery book in solitude while your true love is downstairs watching football."

Hear! Hear!

Miah said...

Really liked this post! That is really odd about your allergy to vegetables. I am the raw vegetables and even better cooked! Also love murder mysteries. There are probably better murder mysteries out of there, but I love Agatha Christie and Miss Marple!

Jen said...

I love reading your blog because you always make me laugh outloud. You definitely have a way with words! Also, again, what the hell is a krimpet? And yes, I've had one too many glasses of wine and it took me way too long to type this comment, so you don't have to answer the krimpet question since I asked so rudely, but I would appreciate it. Also, I have a thing for real life murder mystery news programs like Primetime Crime, my husband finds it freaky, like I'm trying to learn how to commit the perfect crime. Really, I'm just always amazed at how stupid people are and figure they won't get caught.

kay said...

I have that reverse-anorexia thing, too. It makes me both mad and sad when I see my blobby self in a picture on a day when I was undoubtedly thinking to myself, "Kay, you are looking MIGHTY fine in this stretchy skirt and shirt that allows your chicken-cutlet-upper-arms to swing free. Work it, Girl!"

And if saying you're praying for someone makes them feel better, well, then, that's what the prayer would have done, anyway! Win-win!