Friday, September 28, 2007

Last call

This is your last chance for Krimpets. If you still want to try them me at

For all of those who responded to my offer….just to give you a heads up….I’m real good on promising packages, but bad on sending them out in a timely manner. But I’ll do my level best.

I hope when you get your Krimpet that it is everything you thought it would be.

Tastykake should give me a commission!!

And since I’m all about snack love this week….. NJaney, if you are reading this….I DO have a cheesy salty snack for you. Email me your address and I’ll send a package out to you.

Oh and before I forget…..last week we ordered the Domino’s Oreo pizza.

Bad mistake.

It tasted like cardboard. I was SO very disappointed.

I soothed my injured tastebuds with real Oreos with the orange icing.


Anonymous said...

You had me at butterscotch but I'm afraid if I were to try out your delicious secret that I would fall into a great depression when the last krimpet has been enjoyed. I know me. I get addicted to good things.

On an entirely different note, I am contemplating downloading Justin Timberlake's latest "LP." I know I will regret it but I am needing to download something new for the weekend. Please help!

PS : Pizza story to come... give me about 14 hours...

Jennifer said...

Domino's Oreo pizza? What on earth!?! I don't know about this but it sounds vile.

smtwngrl said...

I Loooove butterscotch krimpets! I also try to stay away from them for that very reason. Thanks for the offer!

And I'm glad the Oreo pizza was gross, because that's exactly what I thought it would be.

3 Parrots Island said...

An Oreo mention!!

I'll send you my address...I'm a SUCKA for salty treats!

You're too kind keeping all of your internets' appetites take care of :)

Dana said...

Glad you sent out the warning. I love Oreos and I love pizza...don't think Domino's thought it through though....Looking forward to my new addiction...