Tuesday, October 02, 2007

jen fall down, go BOOM

Two weeks ago, as I was negotiating up my treacherous front steps, I lost my balance and fell down and grievously injured my right ham hock, not to mention scraping up my right elbow.

Here is pictorial evidence (I wore my new Hanes Her Way underwear for the picture).

I was going to post weekly pictures of the fading bruise but I didn’t know if you all could stand the excitement of repeatedly seeing me in my skivvies!!

I didn’t take a picture of the elbow, just know that it is healing nicely.
As a sign that it is healing, it itches like mad.

In the meantime, I’m resisting the urge to pick the scab. I’m waiting for it to fall off naturally.


Jennifer said...


For some reason, I went through a period when I kept clipping my thigh in the same damn place over and over again. It was a massive, ugly thing and painful to boot.

kay said...

You're all about the shock value, aren't you? The bruise is hurty-looking.

I believe my Krimpets came in the mail yesterday. We have a post office box, and we got the yellow "you have a package!" slip. Husband is going to check this afternoon. So, in advance, thank you. I need to have a sweet fix today.

And thanks for the heads-up on the Oreo pizza. We were precariously close to getting one recently. I stopped just short, mainly because I don't even like their pizza that much. We have a couple of small-town pizza places that put them to shame, so that's usually what we get.

I just polished off some Halloween Oreos, too! They're good for what ails you.

mk99 said...

Ouch. Amazing what those nasty bruises can amount to.

I fell this summer walking up the steps to work (yes in front of a crowd).

My knee hurt the most - but lo and behold the next morning I had a very similar looking but much larger bruise all over the right side of my abdomen. I don't even remember hitting it!

mannyed said...

OWW! A bruise like that deserves a whole box of crimpets and oreos!

Dana said...

Sweet! It's all purple and pretty! Hey, thanks for wearing the new undies for us...you are so thoughtful that way!

Seriously though, that must hurt pretty bad!

3 Parrots Island said...


That's one beautifully ugly bruise lady!!

Baby steps for you until that heals up-

Jen said...

That looks ridiculously painful! But the undies are quite snazzy!