Friday, October 26, 2007

zach attacks, happy balls and comments

I’ve decided….every Friday we’ll have a Zach Attack.
I’m going to swipe the pictures from my sister-in-law’s website. I swiped the name “Zach Attack” from her as well.

Here’s the first installment. In this photo, big brother is showing little brother the owl he made at daycare.

In other news: my lunch today was from Wingman. I had the chicken strips and fries. I offer a half-hearted “CHALLENGE” since it really wasn’t all that good. Although the Bar-B-Que dipping sauce was excellent.

I got a package in the mail Wednesday. It came all the way from Louisville, KY. Inside were two specialties of Louisville. The first was a box of Happy Balls and the second was a great big cookie with pecans from Kizito Cookies. The cookie was so big I was able to stretch it out for two days.

These lovely gifties came from Melody. She was a satisfied recipient of the Krimpet offer of 2007 and wanted to respond in kind. Now she is my new best friend. See how easily you can win my love? Just send me cookies and candy and I’m yours for eternity or until something newer and sweeter comes along.

FYI - this weekend the New York Football Giants are crossing the pond and will be playing the Miami Dolphins in London, baby! The Dolphins are currently 0-7. I’m predicting an easy win for the Giants.

Has anybody tried the Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash? Should I get it or not? Please advise.

Are you all using that new feature of subscribing to comments that blogger is offering? It's a genius idea. I've always been hesitant about responding to comments left because I wasn't sure if people actually wanted to come back and review the comments. But now that they are doing this new thing. I think I WILL comment on your comments.


smtwngrl said...

On the Subscribing to Comments thing: I'm so for this for the exact same reason. I never know whether to reply to a comment at my blog, or to seek out the commenter and respond at their blog. This way, I can respond at my blog and know that if they're interesting in reading the response they'll subscribe. Yet another reason I'm happy I switched to Blogger!

Rebecca said...

The comment thing is great - i will definitely need to subscribe, as I too never know whether i should reply to comments on my blog or theirs.

BTW - Giants fan? Are you here in NY or NJ?

Dana said...

You are so very loyal to your sweet tooth!

Jen, I am astonished. You, a Jets fan? Hubs bought daughter a Jets t-shirt whilst in NY. This is saying something since he bleeds Cowboy blue and silver. Me, I could care less...give me baseball. Sorry.

I love the new comments thing. I like commenting on the comments, so I always check back to see if others have done the same....

Anonymous said...

I am a full-on subscriber now!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I'm definitely subscribing to comments. There's too much good stuff being said and I don't want to miss a single word!

nejyerf said...

rebecca: i live in NJ - morris county

dana: correction - we are GIANTS fans. i can't believe you said the "j" word!!!!

Dana said...


Man, what was I thinking? That was a slip up...

I am so sorry - no offense meant!


mk99 said...

Have fun with your balls!

Jen said...

Okay, so I never received my krimpet but I would gladly send you some Utah fry sauce and honey butter if you'd like! Oh so yummy!!!

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