Monday, October 29, 2007

if you believe in fairies then clap your hands....

In talking with my sister over the weekend, we discovered that we both have fairies at work in our house.

You know, the laundry fairy, the grocery fairy, the dinner fairy, the bill-paying fairy.

She is only one fairy, but does the work of many. Now that I think of it, maybe she’s not so much a fairy as a house elf. Like Dobby.

After I ranted to my husband about the abundance of fairies at work in our house, he got up Sunday morning and cleaned the bathroom, took out the garbage and vacuumed the living room.

I told you so:

On October 20, Max McGee, the Packer player who caught the first touchdown pass in the first Super Bowl game, died after falling off his roof.

What is NOT reported in this article, but what I am 100% sure happened, is that Mr. McGee’s wife told him NOT to go up on the roof to blow leaves. I pointed out to my husband, “this is what happens when you don’t listen to your wife!!”


I bought the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss CD that I told you about months ago. It's EXCELLENT. Is it wrong to tell you that I'll burn you a copy if you want?


We've had the freakiest weather this past weekend. On Saturday it was wet and rainy and warm. On Sunday it was cold. And this morning there was the merest suggestion of frost on my car.

Christmas gifts:

I've been looking for black bath towels. Do you KNOW how hard it is to find good quality black bath towels? I'll tell you. It's VERY hard. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


smtwngrl said...

Have you tried Bed, Bath & Beyond for the towels? I bought some really nice black ones as a wedding gift a few years back. They were expensive, but great quality.

I wish I had a house elf. I also wish I had a husband to do house elf duties and to warn against doing such things as climbing on the roof. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Renaissance by Christy Egyptian Cotton Towel
Luxurious Egyptian cotton towels have style, softness and durability. Long, staple cotton woven into extra-long loops, gives this towel ultimate absorbency. Machine wash. Made in England


The Kodlick's have been satisfied customers of Company Store for years.

Anonymous said...

oh i see the link didn't paste correctly....i'll email it to you.

don't you want towels you can bleach?


Anonymous said...

I have these towels in bamboo and cameo and they are the softest and fluffiest.

I would use the fairy thing on my husband but then he would tell me about the gnomes who also reside at our home, mainly in the yard.

mk99 said...

Oooh, must get that CD. I love both of them. Robert Plant's song "In The Mood" is "our" song. My husband will often go around the house singing "I'm in the mood for a melody, I'm in the moooood".

smtwngrl said...

I've tagged you for a Meme. Now you have one less topic to choose if you decide to do NaBloPoMo (which I totally think you should do!). Enjoy!

Misty said...

- Target has black bath towels. (i just bought some.)
- I am quite curious about that album...
- monday must have been fairy day as my daughter was obsessed with talk of them and therefore I too blogged about them...
- freaky weather all over... indeed.