Friday, October 12, 2007

to sum up

1) Krimpets have gone out to those that requested them. I apologize in advance if they are squished. But even squished Krimpets are good.

2) I have a begonia that I left for dead this summer. It has miraculously come back to life and is blooming like mad. I will post a picture on Monday.

3) When I went out to check on my miraculous begonia the other day I found the lifeless body of a wee mouse lying next to it. I believe this was the very same mouse that I rescued from the rapacious jaws of Althea the cat the day before. She brought it into the house. I demanded that she release it at once. She dropped the poor thing on the floor and I picked it up and put it outside. I guess she must have tracked it down.

4) If you are wondering how our cats bring wee beasties into the house, I’ll tell you. The sliding screen door has a hole in it big enough to allow the cats to come in and out. Not to mention the occasional neighborhood raccoon. Why don’t we fix it you ask? Because I would rather not spend my days as a doorman for our cats.

5) We call have our favorite cheesy movies that we watch every time they come on for me it’s Baby Boom, Overboard and Troop Beverly Hills, just to name three. For my husband, it’s Guarding Tess. And oddly enough, the other night, I came home to find him watching Hello, Dolly. What are your favorite cheesy movies?

6)Has anybody ever seen The All-Nighter? With Joan Cusak and the chick from The Bangles? Or how about Where the Heart Is? With Uma Thurman and Dabney Coleman? Am I the only person who has seen these movies and liked them?

7) And finally, do you know what happens to a person who shovels candy corn down their gaping maw all week???? They get blemishes. Like a teenager. I’ve got a big honkin’ one on my chin and is red and painful. It needs a hot compress.


TeacherBee said...

So, maybe the soul of that sweet little mouse entered into the begunia and that is why it is thriving...

My favorite cheesy movies? Steel Magnolias and Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Thank you so much for my halloween treat! I've been scanning my mailbox for some workout videos I ordered last week and I was thrilled to find I got candy instead!

Do hot compresses work?

Dana said...

1. The Krimpets were as expected - delicious! and addicting! Thanks..I think :) By the way, I did not think you thought we rode around all day's just a movie thing we sometimes notice like New Jersey Italians are mobsters kind of thing...

2. Did the wee mouse give it's life to the begonia?

3. Good mousers...when I was a kid my cats just watched the mice or played with them and let them go.

5. Cheesy movies we watch and love are The Fifth Element, In Her Shoes, Can't Buy Me Love, any disaster/horror/chic-flick movie, and yes, High School Musical - Lord help us.

6. No. No. And I don't know.

7. Try windex..Ah! My Big Fat Greek Wedding...add that to #5

Sorry for the longest comment ever!

3 Parrots Island said...

I've seen Overboard soooo many yeah- count me in for that. Also the Michael J Fox one where he's a mailman/corporate executive and starts sleeping with his 'aunt'...then starts changing clothes in the elevator and the secretary with that awesome NY accent keeps catching him...and in the end he gets the blonde. Just remembered the title 'Secret of my Success'.

There's a TON I watch when I catch them on the tube, and as I sit impatiently through the commercials I ask myself, 'Self, why don't you just grab the freakin' DVD off the shelf and put it in?' but I never do...because a movie you catch on TV is special, but when you go through the business of opening the box, switching over to DVD mode, and flicking the flick on you've now made that 'special' find vanish and instead you're now officially planning to watch the movie, which kills the spontaneous fun and by the time this conversation with 'self' wraps up the commercials are over and the movie is back and I'm a happy clam once more.

Gillian said...

I love Sliding Doors, although I don't think it ever comes on tv. I also love Legally Blond, and that one with Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate where they live in San Francisco and go break up a guy's wedding . . . forget the name.

My husband, despite the hotness in all 3 movies, does not tolerate any of them. His big movie of choice is The Big Lebowski, which I've seen approximately 743 times in the past 4 years, and will watch again, oh yes.

mk99 said...

Krimpets were not squished. Good packing job.

Cheesey movies - aah! Good for Saturday or Sunday afternoon veg out parties. My favs: Princess Bride, Young Frankenstein, Gross Pointe Blank, You've Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, Dirty Dancing, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, okay I'll stop now.

Teri said...

Let's see, favorite cheesy movies. Overboard, Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle,...oh, and some old ones like Gidget, or the orginal Yours Mine and Ours with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball.

Liz said...

Troop Beverly Hills! Wow... I haven't seen that in ages, but I remember watching it multiple times. Is that the one with Shelley Long?

Good times. :)