Tuesday, October 16, 2007

this tong's for you

I've gone global!
Tales of the exploits of Jen the Giant Fearless Snake Killer have reached such epic proportions that even our friends in Italy have heard of them!
I received an email from Andrea = Andrew from somewhere in Italy, who says he read my snake killing story and that it reminded him of a painting he did. He sent me a copy of the picture.

The picture has the two things I fear most in life: snakes and bare feet. It made me shiver.

But I can appreciate the artistry.

Maybe this post will encourage Andrea to start his own blog that will feature more of his art? He says he's done many drawings dedicated to the theme of women defeating snakes.
When I told Andrea that bare feet creep me out, he pointed out that the brave woman in this picture actually defeated her snake while wearing fabulous sandals with a pearl strap.
You will recall that I vanquished my snake with a pair of 9" Oxo kitchen tongs. I'd like to see that picture!!
Speaking of tongs, last night I found a giant, horking spider lurking on the kitchen counter (Lord only knows what dark hidey-hole he crawled out of) and being in the kitchen I reached for the utensil container, whipped out my trusty tongs and plucked that spider off the counter and dropped him to his death in the sink.
You read that right
I drowned a hapless spider. But I would like to once again point out that HE invaded MY space.
And all creepy, crawly things that invade my space must meet an untimely end.
It's the law of the land at Jen The Giant Snake Killer's house.
What would YOU have done, you big sissies? Gone screaming into the night?
That's right I called you a sissy. What are you going to do about it?
I am after all, Jen the Giant Fearless Snake Killer, and I will tong you to your death if you cross me!!


Allknowingjen said...

I think you need some kind of tong holster...

mk99 said...

ROFL! I guess it is better than being tongued to death.

mannyed said...

okay, so listen up people, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, drop by Jen's house unannouced.

Anonymous said...

Horay for going global!!! And Hooray for Andrea's art - it's very fabulous.
Jen I just picked a TICK! off my arm whilst sitting at my desk (where the cats usually perch). "Indoor/outdoor cat" is rapidly becoming one or the other I deem.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is Sanna. i always forget to sign.

Dana said...

Wow, global...I hope you will still remember the little people when you have all the comments on your blog from around the world!

Hey, the foot creeps me out a little, look at the nails!

I once turned the garbage disposal on and washed a gecko down it...

I just made a few animal activist angry eh?

Gillian said...

It's going all Crocodile Hunter over here.

galerius said...

Well, thanks to Jen who decided to post my simple drawing here in her blog...and thanks to Sanna for the compliments.
I'm not sure about what creeps Dana out, if the feet themselves or the fact that the Woman is squashing almost barefoot a snake. But I'm a dull foreigner, after all ; there must be at least one thing I don't get, right ? lol
All the best to you all

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I can promise you that no matter what creature invades MY domain, it will meet its end quickly.

smtwngrl said...

I think my brain is fried. I just read the title to your post, not once but three times, and read it the first two times as "this THONG'S for you"...

Miah said...

ROTFLOL!! Jen I love your sense of humor!