Wednesday, October 24, 2007

mid-week thoughts

1) In my never-ending quest for all things orange, I found this:

Its got tangerine, lemon grass and aloe. Now my head smells like a giant tangerine.

2) Have I told you about my grand plan to buy at least one Christmas present a week? No? I’ll tell you now. The idea is to buy at least one Christmas present per week right up until the week before Christmas. Then all that will be left to do is a mad flurry of wrapping. So far it’s been working. I’m building up a quite a nice stash in the guest bedroom. Now I just need to pick out Christmas cards. Seriously. I'm going to be organized this year if it frickin' kills me.

3) How many Anne of Green Gables fans do we have in the audience? Raise your hands. C'mon, don't be shy. Our numbers are legion and we always welcome new members. My mother, also a fan, emailed me this the other day. I'm not totally on board with the idea. I think they should leave well enough alone. Thoughts?

4)The state of California is evacuating people near the fires that are raging out of control. This makes me stop and think "if i were evacuated from my home with the expectation of coming back and finding my house burnt to a crisp, what would i take with me". Aside from the cats and important papers, that is. Would I take all the photo albums? or as many of my books as possible? or the movies we've collected over the years? or the the artwork that i so painstakingly chose and had framed? or the christmas cactus that i've nurtured and babied along for years? or the mixing bowls i inherited from my grandmother? i know these are all material things. things i could live without but still.....
What would you take with you?

5) True confession time: Last night, as I was driving home from work, I was noshing on chedder cheese combos (the cracker kind not the pretzel). I put the bag in my lap and was eating and driving. Then I remembered I wanted to get gas before I went home, so I made a hard right into the gas station and the bag of combos slid off my lap and spilled onto the floor. After parking the car next to the gas pump and telling the lovely russian man to "fill it up regular", i unhooked the seatbelt and bent over to inspect the damage. Only 6 combos had escaped the bag and were lying on the floor mat. So I scooped them up and ate them. The lady in the white explorer next to me was staring at me with a mixture of fascination and repulsion on her face. I just looked at her blankly and continued eating combos, this time from the bag. Eating food off the floor mat is gross I know, but what do you do when you think no one is looking??


Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

So many things to talk about...

Let's see if I remember them all

#1 My shampoo smells like mint and for some reason my younger daughter thinks I have Peppermint Patty shampoo.
#2 I'm with you on that. My goal is to have the bulk of the shopping done by Thanksgiving. I refuse to spend the holiday season in the damn stores. I'm making progress and will have everyone except my kids and husband done by then. Oh, and those neighbors/friends who get food gifts. I bought Christmas cards today!
#3 I don't like the idea.
#4 My kids and husband, of course, although some days that's debatable. (Kidding!) The important papers and the computer. Clothes. The kids' most beloved stuffed animals. Beyond that, the rest can burn.
#5 I love Combos! I wouldn't eat them off the floor of the car, but I would in the house.

Jess said...

#1 John Frieda Blond... I don't think it smells?
#2 I'm waiting for Black Friday
#3 I'll pass
#4 Family, baby books, pictures, the computers, great grandma's bowl, grandma's bell, the guitars, legos, dresses... glad i have an Outback...
#5 Eat off the floor in my car? Are you crazy?

3 Parrots Island said...

1- Garnier Fruity stuff. Price club size bottle. My head smells like fruity stuff

2- Like most years I have ideas spinning in my head...only I'll wait, panic late and not come through with the good ideas but show up with B list stuff

3- I LOVE Anne of GG, but I am completely NOT interested in her backstory

4- The birds, important papers/passports, my purse, certain jewelry...and f*ck. What else right? Photos? Clothes? Shoes? Coats? My pillow? Our laptops? I mean it's everything...or nothing. I can't even FATHOM what those people are going through watching their lives burn. Can't even imagine it. Heartbreaking nightmare.

5- Sometimes when I am home alone I blast 80's metal and rock out like a video vixen. It's badass...and will never be witnessed

TeacherBee said...

#1 - No distinguishable smell from my shampoo. It's blue colored, which sometimes worries me.

#2 -

#3 - I heart Anne, too. I even loved the miniseries. I think the book would be perfect for little girls, something on their reading level that will get them interested in the rest of the series.

#4 - I heard there was a teacher on t.v. who had been evacuated and she took her gradebook. We laughed about that at lunch the other day. The gradebook would be furthest from my mind.

#5 - It is scientifically proven that you have 30 seconds from the time the combo hits the floor to the time bacteria forms on it - not 5 seconds. You're golden.

Betsy said...

#4- you're fine. That lady is just a snob. Did you make faces while you were eating them, just to show her how much you were enjoying it?

glove said...

1 - I only buy coconut shampoo. Depending on our financial resources at the time, it's either Suave or something more expensive, but it MUST SMELL LIKE COCONUT.
2 - I bought 2 gifts so far. My husband complained, like Why the heck are you spending this money now? Um, help me find the logic in that.
3 - blech blech double blech. I love Anne, loved her as a kid, still love her. I've read them all, multiple times. Leave it as it is, I say.
4 - I've been tossing and turning over this one myself. I just don't know, and hope I never find out.
5 - I do many things in private that make eating combos off the floor mat of a car look like Emily Post. But they're my secret. ;)

Dana said...

#1. I have the strangest allergy to shampoo. I have to switch them every half bottle or so. So I have tons, literally tons of different ones...Cannot say what this week's choice smells like.

#2. You get extra points for wanting to. I could care less...sad, I know.

#3. I am a fan, however I agree with most here leave it be.

#4. Of course the family, animals, legal docs and photos. But I would have a hard time deciding what to leave. How much time do we have????

#5. ballet. :)

mk99 said...

I have started Christmas shopping too. I have more energy around it this year. I'll even decorate and I haven't done that for a couple years. It must be the new house.

I've given lots of thought about the "what do you take" topic lately as well. I think I need to make a grab box. In it will be things like our passports, wills, legals documents, irreplaceable and special photos, dogs, husband, address book...I guess the dogs will want out at some point. Probably the husband too.

mk99 said...

I'm so sorry the Lucky in Kentucky didn't make it whole. Was it at least still sealed?

Enjoy your Happy Balls!

Rebecca said...

I love the herbal essence shampoo and used to use it until a friend told me to stop shampooing my curly hair...

I think books, my computer and ipod would be the first things i'd grab after my husband and baby. I could probably live without much else.

Allknowingjen said...

#1 They recently changed the smell/packaging of my shampoo! It's just aussie stuff though- so fruity. I also love the rosemary mint stuff,but I can only justify the price of it in the summer time. Yes, I have a 'summer' shampoo. Don't you?? :P
#2 A great idea! I've been trying really hard this whole year to shop early. It's helped a bit I think. I want to be done by Dec. 1. I also keep gifts in the guest bedroom.
#3 I love Anne! But this is not a good idea. It just won't be the same. I am sure it will suck.
#4 I can't even imagine.
#5 Have you seen the floor of my car? Even my dog won't eat off of it. But I am sure yours is neater than that!

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you all consider smoke alarms AND BATTERIES, fire extinguishers, safety escape ladders and fire safes as gifts to yourselves and loved ones for this gift-giving season.
I asked for a fire safe years ago and it has given me peace of mind.

Pluto said...

#5 I don't know if you are aware of The Three Second Rule. Basically it states that you can eat an object which has fallen to the ground as long as it has not been on the ground longer than 3 seconds. The rule is quite flexible and the time period may be extended if the aforementioned object is tasty;)

Miah said...

#1: Aussie Shampoo
#2: Christmas shopping is to be done in December, no earlier!
#3: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Mess with Anne of Green Gables? That is just sacrilege! I love AoGG, I have two sets of the books, one hard cover, one soft cover and ANY book I can lay my hands on that was written by L.M. Montgomery. LOVE her writing! LEAVE WELL ENOUGH ALONE! That is as bad as everybody and their brother getting in on the Little House on the Prairie series. There are books about Ma Ingalls, Ma Ingalls Mother, Ma Ingalls Mothers Mother...and etc. It winds up back in Scotland. Ridiculous!
#4: Hmmm...the cats first, not sure what I would grab next...maybe the computer! LOL
#5: That is the funniest thing! She was more than likely horrified at what it looked like because she does the same thing herself. But you know Grandma G was probably spinning in her grave. EVERYTHING must be washed first.