Tuesday, October 30, 2007

i love the smell of celebrities in the morning.....

Last week Sanna and I were discussing Amy Winehouse and lamenting about how bad she looks. I told Sanna that I think Amy probably smells pretty bad. A combination of Aquanet and unwashed hair.

Yesterday I found this at the Maxim website.

THEN I read about Britney giving the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo a lap dance?
Which leads us to the question of the week courtesy of Sanna

“I wonder what Britney smells like?”

Sanna says “marlboro lights, blowpops, car leather, cheetos and wig sweat”

Your thoughts?

And yes, I am well aware that this could quite possibly be the most shallow blog post of all time.


mk99 said...

When I think of Britney, I smell pleather.

I realize she can afford leather and wears leather, but she still smells like pleather.

You can take the girl out of the trailer, but....well you know the rest.

Dana said...

I'd say pork rinds, cheep beer and marlboro lights 100's.

And now, so does Tony Romo. What is wrong with him???

Misty said...

I was just about to ask, Why??? I get that he's a guy, and well... but with Britney? Couldn't he wait ten minutes and get some class?

(i suspect that there is more to her bathroom change halfway through and suspect a slight scent of vomit on her as well... and LipSmackers!)

Betsy said...

I say a public restroom. That's what Brit-Brit would smell like.

Mannyed said...

Sanna is pretty much right on the mark. Def cigarettes and cheetos; the inside of a Starbucks; Jose cuervo and desperation.

Kay said...

Happy Halloween!

I'm alive! Thanks for checking in. I'm just SUPER busy to the max. It might be a while before I return to blogging regularly. I'm in the midst of some major lifestyle changes.

Yeah, Amy Winehouse totally looks like she smells. How could she not? I like listening to her, though.

I have to agree with Sanna on how Britney smells. I think she summed it up perfectly.

3 Parrots Island said...

Britney's weave freaks me out...it never looks nice and smooth, just looks dirty- and that's what I think she smells like. I also picture her house as a messy disaster...which leads me to dirty...which leads to more smelly.