Thursday, November 01, 2007


I’ve sold my soul and joined nablopomo

This means that I have sworn to post to my blog every day in the month of November.

Aren’t you excited?

I’m not promising much.

But I think that if I’m going to post every day then the least you can do is support me in this endeavor and leave some comment love.

And that means YOU, your dirty lurkers.

You know who you are…..Teri (and yes, i know i owe you krimpets!)

Wish me luck.


Misty said...

good luck! I think it will be quite exciting. My theory (hope) is that knowing we need to blog every day will open our eyes to the world around us and we will see new things in completely unexpected ways...

Allknowingjen said...

Good luck! You can DOOOOOO EEEEEEEETTT! :)
(was that encouraging enough? let me know if you need more after the first few days, There's more where that came from!)

Dana said...

Yay! Here's to a new post every day for me to read!

Because, that is what I am excited about...Because I am not doing the Nablopomo thingy...

Good Luck!

mk99 said...

"and we will see new things in completely unexpected ways..."

or we'll be completely sick of blogging and will become hermits never to be heard from again.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! A little bit of Jen every morning!

Teri said... funny bloggers need to quit making me coming out of the nose is NOT fun.

I admit it...I suck at commenting.

I will try harder to be as witty as all of you fabulous bloggers.

mk99 said...

You know Jen, by participating in both 365 and Nablopomo - you kill two birds (or in your case snakes) with one stone.

Miah said...

I'm guilty. I lurk. I took my blog out to the back 40 and shot it in the head. So now I am satisfied with reading other peoples blogs. Good luck in your endeavor!