Friday, November 09, 2007

Look out, it's Zach!!!

It’s time for a Zach attack - this is actually a twofer.

Look at how much he’s grown. According to his mother, he eats every 90 minutes and is a very gassy baby. He gets this from his mother's side of the family!! Also note the pleasing shape of his wee head. The only helmet this kid will ever have to wear is a football helmet!!!

In this photo, he seems to be smiling. His mother informs us that this smile is due NOT to his gaseous nature but rather to the fact that he's a genuinely happy baby.
Now, since all Zach does is eat, sleep and poop, I don’t think he’ll mind sharing Zach Attack Friday with Shallow Thursday, because I forgot a very important shallow item:

This was an IM conversation between Sanna and me earlier in the week:

Sanna: you are now 4 degrees of separation from kevin bacon. Lori Singer just walked into Johi’s (Sanna’s sister) office

Jen: Who’s Lori Singer?


Jen: We’re that much closer to John Lithgow too!!!

Sanna: and Dianne Wiest!@!!!!!

Sanna: and SJP

Sanna: Add THAT to your shallow Thursday blog

And that my friends, means YOU are 5 degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon!


glove said...

Ahem. My college classmate was in a scene in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon. (She is the redheaded friend of the murdered girl; he interrogates her and she says something tearful). I believe that would be . . . two degrees. So now you are three. You just beat yourself at this game.

ZACH ATTACK!! I can't wait for my own Jack Attack - only six more months and I'll have one of those of my very own!

glove said...
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3 Parrots Island said...

I love being that close to Mr. Bacon :)

So, I have a technology question for you jumped from Live Spaces to Blogger. When you commented on my Live Space it shows up with your address...instead of How, oh how do you do that Great One? I can't figure it out.


mk99 said...

Yoo hoo. Did you fall off the earth? Or just the bed after an alnighter? :-))

Misty said...

I kept waiting for my reader to update your blog... but nothing...

Such sweet photos... precious and lovely. What a handsome baby.

Um... I met him at a press conference... It was super brief but :) I am not a huge Kevin Bacon fan so it didn't mean much but if it furthers your quest, have at the connection :)