Saturday, November 03, 2007

me and my small mouth

i went to the dentist today and learned, much to my vindication, that i do NOT have a big mouth after all.

both the dentist and her assistant commented on that fact several times.

i wanted the dentist to write a note to my mother to verify this. i cannot tell you how many times my mother has instructed me to shut my big mouth.

you'll be dismayed to learn that i had two cavities filled today and have to go back in two weeks for three more fillings.

this is what comes from a diet comprised mainly of oreos, krimpets and candy corn.


Jenny said...

I actually have a similar issue - my mouth was too small for all of my teeth. When I was younger, they had to remove teeth from my mouth to make room!

Dana said...

Jen and Jenny, same here. I didn't have wisdom teeth either so the fact that I had a so called too small mouth was even more confusing to my mother. She called the dentist a liar and told him to live with me for a week. He wouldn't agree to it and pulled my teeth and gave me braces anyway.

Hope you are feeling better. I hate, hate O'LORD I hate the dentist. (Mother was single and poor, we went to a lovely thing called the dental college.)I'm still in therapy because of it. :)

Beth said...

I wish my dentist would give me that excuse!!!! I am doing this blog every day thing too...

Ps. Teri doesnt comment on my blog much either (AND she can POST to my blog! Naughty Teri!!!)

Jen said...

Ugh! The dentist! I just recently went and had to have a crown done because I grind my teeth. And he CONSTANTLY reminds me of this,,, like I don't know. I always feel like telling him, "Dude, shut up, I know, the only reason I come to you and haven't found a new dentist, a kinder dentist, is because you're hot." Yeah, I have a hot dentist. I figure if you have to have dental work done you might as well have something nice to look at while going through the process. Seriously,,, he's yummy!