Sunday, November 04, 2007

barbie dolls

A month ago, my sister Jody informed me that I could get a Barbie doll for my niece phoebe’s birthday.

Her exact words were, “Phoebe is ready for a Barbie doll.”

I was so excited by this news. I hadn’t been sure if my sister was going to allow Barbie dolls in her house. She’d already banned everything Disney and you can’t even mention Barney. And I couldn’t imagine Phoebe growing up without experinceing the joy and delight that is a Barbie doll

When we were little girls, Jody was more of a Pretty Pony girl. She did have one Barbie, but she didn’t play with it much and it soon came to live with my dolls.

So it was with great delight and a trip down memory lane that I chose Birthday Barbie for Phoebe’s birthday. This Barbie even came with a birthday cake.

I have to say that the Barbie dolls look a little weird compared to the dolls of my day. They have these big bulbous heads and doe-like eyes.

And the clothing choices??? More than a little sluttish.

I have promised my sister to exercise some control and only limit myself to two Barbies. But she didn’t say anything about getting the one thing that I longed for as a little girl and never got.

Barbie’s dream house.


Anonymous said...

We couldn't afford the Barbie dreamhouse either so my dad and my friend's built us identical Barbie houses out of plywood. Our floors had real carpet and linoleum and the rooms were wall papered. At five years old the houses were as tall as we were! Screw the cheesy plastic dream house, mine was awesome!

I also made Barbie clothes out of old missing-one-of-its-pair socks. You know, it was the late 80s, early 90s, so all my socks were flamboyant colored, some with ruffles, some that scrunched...

Dana said...

I don't allow Barney to be mentioned in my house either. I truly believe Barney & Teletubbies are spawns of satan...but that's just me.

I loved barbies as a girl. And like Teacher Bee we was poor. Everything was hand me downs and self made and sewed.

But I gotta say, the clothes that momma sews for Barbs are a lot less slutty than the store bought!

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

And did you get it for her?

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Oh and you can probably find decent / not sluttish Barbie clothes on

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

Or cute handmade Barbie clothes in eBay.

(And I promise I'm done using three comments for one not-so-coherent thought.)