Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ground Control to Major Tom ...Turkey

Hi all, this is Sanna again.

Update East Coast:

Jen is in rehab ("no, no, no"). She's doing well and learning all she needs from the physical therapists in order to go home next Tuesday (yeah!).

Her mum and dad are visiting her tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

Himself hasn't brought the mail for a few days so Jen may be missing out on something fantastic.

There is some internet connectivity at the rehab, but it's so piddly and poor that she hasn't been able to update the blog. They even block Perez Hilton for pete's sake.

So here is what I have been given to tell you all. If names are misspelled that is entirely my (Sanna's) fault since Jen would never be so careless.

Special thanks go out to...
Cory! who sent Jen a 'Tim Gunn for President - Make it Work' Tshirt that Jen wears during her PT sessions....
Melanie (MK99)! who sent Jen a musical invite that she got a kick out of....
Sanna! who sent Jen beautiful orange roses, mums, lillies etc in an orange ceramic pumpkin. Jen says she'll keep the pumpkin. Sanna's still p'o'd because she asked the florist to mix in some candy bars with the flowers and they did not!

Jen's sister Jodi was to have visited her house this past weekend to clean things up and generally whip folks into shape. I'm sure she did! Hopefully Jodi did make it down and put Jen's winter clothes away because she was impossibly worried about them being spread all over the guest bed.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


smtwngrl said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jen! So sorry to hear about your leg! Hope you're back to your old self in no time!

Beth said...

I am so sorry to here about your accident....hopefully you are back to your old self soon!!!

Dana said...

Thank you for the update. Hopefully she was able to get plenty of turkey for Thanksgiving...

Will check back daily for your return - you are missed!