Thursday, November 08, 2007

Not so shallow Thursday

I know today was supposed to be Shallow Thursday. On Shallow Thursday we are supposed to discuss the craziness that is the celebrity life. And how much better we are than Britney Spears and the nonsense that is Rosie O’Donnell and Pete Doherty shooting up and Amy Winehouse and why she paints such heavy eyeliner (she’s like a female Groucho Marx only with eyeliner instead of a painted on mustache and eyebrows) and Jennifer Lopez finally admitting she’s preggers, and that crazy- ass Heather Mills and Brett Favre. Why Brett? Why not I say!!!!

But, instead of discussing these topics in great length and depth, I did the following shallow things (because my boss was out of the office today):

1) Online Christmas shopping – I think I’m going to buy the black towels at Bed Bath and Beyond. I have a number of the 20% off a single item coupons that are moldering away in my glove box. I got two more gifts. One for my father-in-law and one for his girlfriend.

2) Watched the last episode of The Office on my lunch hour. Emailed Klem to find out why Michael hates Toby so much. Does anybody know?

3) Renewed my library books online

4) Periodically checked in with for celebrity updates

5) Downloaded some songs from Itunes

6) Updated my Netflix queue. Have a mentioned that I’m watching “A Touch of Frost” and I’m seriously in love with David Jason? He’s a short, middle-aged balding British man with a mustache and I can’t get enough of him.

7) And just so that I earned my wages, I did some filing while listening to Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.

Perhaps we shall gossip tomorrow……


Misty said...

well, my michael/toby theory is as follows: He hates Toby because Toby is the only one in the office with any "authority" to tell him when he is wrong. He is threatened by Toby because he is the HR guy. So likely, if Jim were the HR guy, he'd hate him too...
poor toby... (who really is moderately annoying...)

Ah... a fellow netflixer... I love it...

i may have to leave a second comment because I feel like i forgot something...

Jen said...

perez hilton? Seriously? I can't stand him. I just go to because I can't stand the thought of giving perezhilton any hits on his website. I'm mean tonight.

Anonymous said...

I can never check Perez at work. Imagine the admin checking websites visited only to find "Picture of naked penis was viewed in Mrs. Erickson's room!" Alert the media, we're taking this bitch down!

While I use my own personal laptop at work, I treat it like a public computer when it's connected to their network.

And yeah, Toby's the guy who's always telling Michael he can't do something because it's unethical, racial, chauvenistic, etc.

Dana said...

I kind of like Amy's make-up. I was thinking of trying it on and seeing how my co-workers like..What's up with Brett???

Girl you work hard for your money! That is one busy day!!!

I hear the Robert Plant Alison Krauss album is pretty good.

mk99 said...

Toby exercises common sense, abides by the law, implements HR policies to protect staff - Michael? well he is Mr. Opposite.