Friday, November 02, 2007

Zach Attack

This is how NaBloPoMo is going to work here at Dr. Bombay’s (subject to change at my whim and fancy):

Meme Monday – every Monday I’ll do a MEME. I promise I won’t tag you

Orange Tuesday – all orange, all day

Lunch Challenge Wednesday – what are YOU eating for lunch today?

Shallow Thursday – it’s all about celebrities and fashion and tv and movies

Zach Attack Fridays – tune in to see how much Zach has grown.

Saturday and Sundays are free spots. who knows WHAT will come up?

And now, here is the latest Zach Attack:

Note his spiffy Halloween garb:

This is big brother Jedi Knight Alex - he was supposed to be Yoda but wouldn't wear the ears.

The ears mysteriously appeared on Big Daddy Yoda.


glove said...

Good idea. I should think of something interesting as a theme, Gillian's NBPM could get v. boring v. fast.

Misty said...

great schedule! it is perhaps the orange day which peaks my curiosity most! :)

Anonymous said...

So, do holidays count with Nablopomo? er, whatever it's called? I'm just curious whether you will be taking Thanksgiving and Veteran's day off?

I'm very intrigued by Orange Tuesday!

Miah said...

I think I will enjoy Meme Mondays the most. They are usually the ones that make me laugh the most.