Friday, September 26, 2008

64min and 38 seconds to save the world

Even though Sanna and I communicate daily via IM or email, I thought after the proposal question we should talk person to person and called her on her cell phone Sunday evening.

As it turned out, she was driving back from a weekend spent with Dave in Virginia and was falling asleep at the wheel and needed some company. Being the good friend that I am, I started talking and according to the phone bill, we talked for 64min and 38 seconds.

What, you may ask, could we find to talk about for 64min and 38 seconds?

Oh you know.....this, that and the other thing.

She did divulge, that after due consideration and after reading the thoughtful comments from the readers of Calling Dr. Bombay, she has decided to wait for Dave to do the proposing. I think it was the final comments from GLove that did the trick.

Do you have long, luxurious phone calls with your friends, long distance charges be damned?

Or am I the only one that is so carefree with her money?


Allknowingjen said...

Yes- my best friend from college lives 4 hrs away, and although we try to keep in touch via e-mail there is just something better about the phone. Our calls are never less than an hour...but they are few and far between so that makes it a little better right?

Ami said...

Ah, the beauty of cell phones. My best friend is in Minneapolis and I'm in Baltimore, so yes, we have long conversations like that. I have free nights and weekends and I'm one of her 5 Favorites (or whatever they're called), so it's always free for her when she calls me and we try to time our calls when they're free for me, too.

Anonymous said...

I too have long distance friends. We e-mail and IM as well; however, sometimes you just need to hear the voice. '


Donna in VA said...

Your comment on my site made my day. That was priceless!
Good for you!

**by the way - i'm coming back here**

Misty said...

First off... THANK YOU for joining the swap! you are awesome...

Second, yes and no. As Ive "matured" I've become less impressed with phone calls. I suck, I know. Many friends find the need to voice their feelings on the matter. I think though, maybe it's just that I'm so busy...

G Love said...

Holy God, I am affecting people's for real lives out here.

I hope I gave good advice.

And I do talk for a zillion hours to a handful of friends, but we all have Verizon so it be free. :)

Jen said...

Well, I'm a little too carefree with our money... so much so that I'm sure the hubby would love me to have a frugal day. I have a wonderful cell phone plan so thank goodness I don't have to be frugal there... I talk too much to be frugal with the cell phone minutes. Seriously... I'm a chatterbox.

Dana said...

Yes...and while we talked on and on, I don't have the faintest idea what we talk about...but that is the beauty of friends, there seems to be a never ending stream of conversation.
I have two friends I email all day long. We ALWAYS have something to talk about.
You and Sanna have a great friendship indeed.

Jenster said...

With everyone's busy schedules and most of us having kids, we end up emailing each other late at night instead.

With the friends who live nearby, we end up going out for drinks or dinner so we can have extended chats. Once three of us sat in a restaurant for 2 1/2 hours without even realizing it!

With the friends who live far away, though, I do need to be better about calling.

Sanna said...

It does occur to me that over the last, oh, 9 years or so (since both Jen and I took jobs or otherwise spent long hours at the computer) we speak almost daily during the week (at LEAST weekly).
I moved out west, she moved to NJ-PA-NJ, I moved back, we changed jobs, went back to school - etc. All through that we spoke so regularly online that we rarely had time to miss each other!
It's absolutely wonderful to know when I have GOT something to say, that I have an always open, sometime sympathetic (tee!) ear, or keyboard, in Jen.