Friday, September 19, 2008


Thank you internets, for your wise counsel on the question of whether Susanna should propose to Dave. Although I feel compelled to mention that some of you missed the point of the question. 
It wasn't so much whether or not Sanna and Dave should get engaged/married, but rather should SHE ask HIM to marry her.
Nevertheless, I'm sure Sanna will take what you learned people have said under advisement. 
I will issue periodic reports on the situation as it develops further.
I know that with the all other major things going on in the world right now this whole question might seem trivial, but I think it vividly points out that life continues to go on, even in the midst of a hurricane or a Wall Street tumble.
I will leave Sanna with this final thought (courtesy of SIL Jenny)
Britney proposed to KFed......
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming:
Two Songs I'm Really Digging Right Now:
Sandcastle Disco - Solange Knowles
Chasing Pavements - Adele
Two Think I'm Eating
Chocolate covered popcorn - (Thank you Cory)
Leftover candy from the Labor Day parade (Thank you nephew Alex for collecting said candy!!)
Two Movies I Recently Watched and Loved:
Gunga Din - why does India seem so romantic in the movies
The Purple Rose of Cairo -  even though he might have only a small part - any movie with Edward Herrman is immediately improved
Two Things I'm Contemplating Purchasing:
A new winter coat from LL Bean - faux shearling parka or lambswool duffle
A new comforter for our bed - goose down or flannel
Two Options We Are Debating As A New Source of Heat for the House:
Pellet stove
Gas stove


Gillian said...

Weighing in late on the proposal question . . . with little helpful advice (but in a very long comment) . . . it depends on the guy. My husband is a super fast forward feminist himself, I'd say - maybe even more feminist than me! But in matters of ceremony, he is big on tradition. It would have really hurt his feelings if I had asked him to marry me. Kind of like the cliche that little girls put dishtowel "veils" on their heads during dress-up play, imagining their wedding days. I think some men start imagining their ideal proposal, how they would do it up cool. Once they've decided to marry the girl, that is. My husband did, anyway - he planned it for about six months. It was a big deal for him, to be able to give that gift to me.

Dave's been married once before, which means he's done that deal once already. So that changes the question a little. But maybe not. Sanna is a different woman, it is a different time, he is a lot older - it might be nice to give him the opportunity to give her a special memory.

So I guess I'm coming down on the side of No.

But. It's not a hugely firm No. It's a wavery No, able to flip over into Yes if Dave is a less traditional type guy.

Misty said...

the Britney/KFED point is enough... :)

Jenster said...

You have so many decisions to make!

I have a goose-down comforter and love it. I'm sure you've done your research, but since I once worked for a home-furnishings retailer, I'd like to offer this (unsolicited!) advice:

1. Get a better quality one. Some of the cheaper-made down comforters incorporate a lot of feathers instead of down, and the feathers are usually what gives people allergic reactions. You don't have to pay a fortune -- Just wait for a good sale or shop around.

2. Get a comforter in which the chambers are constructed so that the down can't shift easily to one corner, leaving the rest of the comforter useless. I like my down to stay put, so my chambers are constructed as large squares that have a small space in between for the down to travel. That way, I can still move the down around if I need to, but it won't move around on its own. Of course, if you want your down to shift easily, get a different design that allows that.

Now I'll shut up, return to my corner and wish you a happy weekend!

Jess said...

It wasn't so much whether or not Sanna and Dave should get engaged/married, but rather should SHE ask HIM to marry her.

... but the point is the relationship... you didn't ask a general question... ie. should women in this day and age ever ask a man to marry her? You asked, should Sanna ask Dave to marry her... that is unknowable without certain other knowledge. I don't have it. Don't need to have it. But she does. If she does not know his family, if she does not know how he feels about marriage. if she doesn't know his immediate and long term financial goals and temperment... then the answer is no... if she doen't KNOW that he'll say yes right now... she has to ask herself those questions to find out the answer.