Monday, September 22, 2008

It's Elemental

When Ginger was visiting me last month, in a fit of nostalgia we went through my high school memorabilia.

I came across this notecard from 12th grade chemistry

When I was taking the class I barely understood it and now it is complete gibberish.

What I do remember is this:

Fe = Iron
How I remember this is that a farrier (which starts with an F) is another name for a blacksmith and he puts IRON shoes on horses

Pb = Lead
How I remember this is from the book "The Mouse and The Motorcycle"by Beverly Cleary . The way Ralph S. Mouse gets his motorcycle to move is by making the sound "Pb-pb-b-b-b. Pb-pb-b-b-b." Motorcycle=getting the lead out.

Mo = Molybdenum
One of my best good friends in high school had the name Molly. Molly = Moly(bnenum)

Sn = Tin
I remember this one because in order to cut tin you need tin sn(ips)

And that is pretty much all I remember of chemistry.

Although in my job I do on occasion have need for Potassium = K, Magnesium = Mg, Calcium = Ca, Titanium = Ti

Which ones do you remember and how?


G Love said...

Helium. Cuz it makes you go he he he when you suck it out of a balloon ab=nd then talk with that funny voice.

G Love said...

ab=nd should, of course, be "and".

Damn 1 handed typing.

Sanna said...

Hg - Mercury.
Hospital Garbage is broken thermomenters - mercury thermometers.

Sanna said...

misspelled 'thermometer'.
Also, Au- Gold. from Goldfinger's name, Auric.

34 Years said...

My hed hurts.

34 Years said...

Of course, I meant 'head' hurts. I just wanted to comment twice like everyone else...

Jenster said...

I'll be a rebel and only comment once!

Fe (Iron) -- Fe is for Female. Females get their periods and need to take lots of IRON.

Sn (Tin) -- Sn is short for SNL, which is short for Saturday Night Live. Tin stands for the Tin Woodman. Both are in show biz.

Yes, they're dorky, but they worked for me!

Allknowingjen said...

Ugh I was very bad at Chemistry. But I remember these ones:
K= potassium because Special K cereal has potassium in it.
AU= Gold - this one is from a Facts of Life Episode. Natalie says that AU= Gold because if someone stole your gold bracelet you would yell "A! YOU!" while you ran after them.
AG= Silver - In my head I say it "Aggie" as in,"I inherited all of Great Aunt Aggie's silver"

Hospital Garbage really cracked me up! :)

Ami said...

Let the nerdy-ness begin.

H = Hydrogen
He = Helium
Li = Lithium
Be = Beryllium
B = Boron
C = Carbon
N = Nitrogen
O = Oxygen
F = Flourine
Ne = Neon
Na = Sodium
Mg = Magnesium
Al = Aluminum
Si = Silicon
P = Phosphorous

I'd go on, but I'm starting to embarrass myself. The sad thing is this is all I have to show for completing a pre-medical program.

Jess said...

I remember Sanna lent me some of her notecards, with the extra notations on them regarding expamles and antedotes that Mr. Stull used in class... being the low key, contained individual i am, i kept either shouting them out or whispring them just under my breath until Mr. Stull actually lost his temper and made me teach the class the next day...
Thats all i remember about chem notecards...

Anonymous said...

It's really hard to argue when kids complain about having to take chemistry and say,"This is dumb. I'll never use this stuff." 99% of the time, that's true.

Although, I do use algebra quite often around the house. And Spanish.