Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Weather - It was pouring down rain here in NJ this morning.  The sky turned as dark as night and the heavens opened up.  For a while it was like our own mini-hurricane.  As luck would have it, I left the living room windows wide open.
Appearance - I have a pimple on my forehead. It looks like I have been shot right between the eyes. As such, I'm wearing my hair very low over the forehead today.
Sports - So far football has been awesome - sidenote to Tom Brady and Peyton Manning:  practice makes perfect.
TV: 30 Rock and The Office are coming back. WOO-HOO!
Books - I'm re-reading the Anne of Green Gables series. They just never get old.
Movies - I just saw Waitress over the weekend.  Keri Russell totally surprised me.  She is actually quite funny.
Food - The season of candy corn is rapidly approaching AND my blog-friend Cory has promised me a delicacy. Chocolate covered popcorn.   
Clothes - Time to put away the summer wardrobe and bring out the fall.  I need some new clothes.  Maybe something in burnt orange for fall?
Husband - Nothing bad to report here. I'm quite liking him at the momemnt. 
Health - The MS is held in abeyance and I haven't fallen down in months (knock on wood)
Wealth - Got a 5% cost of living pay raise
Happiness - As always I am happy but yet never too far from a moment of unhappiness. 
How about you, my lovely little blog friends?  Any notes you want to share with the class?


34 Years said...


I love seeing Peyton lose about as much as the rest of the world loved Brady limping off the field.

Don't write us off...although this cuts into the plans I had of beating the Giants IF they make the playoffs...

Yes, I'm bitter.

Misty said...

Awesome in re: to the raise! Good job. And the other stuff too... Things sound quite lovely...

Melody said...

Congrats on the raise and for liking your hubby right now.

notes from my world:

walking about 2 miles each day - sore chins

so thrilled to see new shows come on the telly

work is a little shaky, but then when isn't it?

Ami said...

Congrats on the raise, your good health, and liking the hubby! Also, I loved Waitress and was also impressed with Kerri Russell's ability to carry off that type of humor.

My notes:

Movies - Just saw Traitor. Go. See. It. Now.

Books - I just received my box full of Anthologies. My essay is officially out there!

Sleep - I'm not getting enough. Need to go to bed earlier.

Anonymous said...

I am proud to say it was my Chiefs that took Tom Brady out for the season.

And, per the beginning of the school year, I am in survival mode.