Thursday, September 04, 2008

blue no more

Because I was feeling blue and in need of a friend, I called Ginger last Thursday and asked her if she would come out and spend Labor Day weekend with me. 
And she did.
We sat around and gossiped and argued and laughed and reminisced and were generally silly creatures all weekend.
It was good.
By the time she left on Monday I was no longer blue.
In other news, I have finally slogged my way through the last of the blogs in my blog reader. I kinda took some time off from the whole commenting thing.  Hey, it was summer and I needed a vacay!!
So to all of my lovely blog friends.... fear not, I will be returning to form and resuming commenting. 
Further news.... I am finally reading Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.   
As a matter of fact, I think for the month of September (which for me is murder mystery month) I am also going to re-read some books from my childhood.
What are you going to read this month?


34 Years said...

Hey non-blue :)

Glad you're feeling back to form.

I have no plans to read anything this month...although I do have big plans to go through the closets in this place and clean them out-

Misty said...

that is so awesome...
and I'm a little jealous.
I was feeling blue, and begged my BFF to fly out and visit while my husband goes to Chicago next week. She NEVER EVEN RESPONDED. I guess it was a whole "turn the other cheek" thing...

Now I'm not blue, I'm green. :(

Ami said...

Glad you're feeling brighter! It's always nice to have a good friend around to laugh and play with.

I'm trying to read/finish two books this month: Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose. Not sure how that's gonna go, but I'm trying. So many books, so little time. :)

Dana said...

I'm reading Harry Potter. I'm up to book 6. I've also read the Twilight Series...speaking of childhood favs, one my my favorite childhood books was The Diddakoi by Rumer Goden.


Anonymous said...

Friends are the greatest. I always get depressed after coming home from KC where my best girl friends still live. It stinks not having them close.

You are a reading whiz. I'm a reading teacher but I'm awful about reading myself. Once I'm home, I'm so exhausted and yet still have work to do that I don't want to add reading to the list. That and keeping up with my google reader, it takes me forever. So, I don't think a trip to the library this month is in the cards.