Wednesday, October 25, 2006

lacking in ideas

Things recently discovered in the grocery store:

In the fruit and produce section:
Honeycrisp apples – oh so crispy and sweet

At the salad bar:
Zinfandel vinaigrette- light and tangy

It’s that time of year for Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Frankenberry cereals

Cupcakes, cannolis and eclairs OH MY! (more of a reminder really)

On line at the checkout:
Brad caught with a hooker, Angelina in tears.

Confession time:
I can never understand WHAT Janet Jackson is singing about.


kay said...

Zinfandel vinagrette? Ummmmm, yum! for God's sake.

And I'm afraid I'm a Cinnamon Toast Crunch girl, year-round. (Except for when I tried that "two-bowls-of-Special-K-for-two-weeks" scam. THAT was a crock. *I* certainly wasn't able to get into that pair of jeans that my teen-age daughter was wearing. Bastards. Also, I don't have any teen-age daughters, so I don't know why I even bothered.)

I've been on a chai tea kick lately. The instant stuff from the grocery store aisles is not a bad substitute for the $4 cup available at the coffee shop. And you get 8 packets for like $3. I am nothing if not cheap.

Oh. And easy.

Anonymous said...

My bakery has fabulous brownies that I just die for. They are just so fudgey and gooey. I love them oh so much.

Ami said...

Mmmm...that vinagrette sounds delish! As for the cereal aisle, if I were allowing myself my guilty cereal pleasure it would be lucky charms, for sure. Gotta love the marshmallowy goodness!

kay said...

Re: your local First Responders:

Saline? I have no idea why that could be the only thing they give you, although different areas have different medical protocols they must follow.

As a rule, First Responders are NOT allowed to administer any drugs (except oxygen -- which we give a TON of!), but there are plenty of other options available. We carry aloe cream (just for those crazy airbag burns!), and we (or the EMTS on-scene) recommend they see their docs for further treatment.

By the way -- totalled your car? Blech. Sorry to hear that, but glad *all* you got was a scabby face.

Ha! You know what commercial is on right now?? That damn cereal one with the lady and her jeans. Turns out, it's Total cereal, not Special K. Whichever... It DOES NOT work.

kay said...

Oh, Christ. You didn't have a scabby face now, did you?

You had scabby HANDS. I'm a dopus.

Jennifer said...

LMAO @ Brad and Angelina. Some of those tabloids are so crazy.

Sooo did you buy the eclairs and other yummies??

NJaney said...

Balsamic vinegar. Straight up. Freakin' love that stuff.

Zinfandel vin. is good also.

But balsamic. Yes. Now you're singing my name.