Friday, October 27, 2006

friday night fat

normally i don't post past fridays. i like to pretend that I have a fantastically busy social life on the weekends and don't have TIME to blog.


being that's it is friday night and i didn't feel much like cooking, we ordered take out.


it was a meal deal.

one large pizza with garlic knots and zeppoles for $11.95

i had one slice of pizza.

and then i ate my my weight in sugared and/or garlic buttered dough.

that's A LOT of dough.

now here i sit, fat and bloated, before the computer screen, barely able to reach the keyboard over my distended belly. with a chest covered in confectioners sugar.

life is good.


kay said...

I'm sorry. I must not have heard my phone ring when you called to invite me over to share that feast.

Next time, call twice.

Becca said...

My phone didn't ring either.


kilowatthour said...

pizza! that's what i want.

wait, i just had dinner. anyway...

Ami said...

Must be something in the air because I've spent the entire weekend thus far doing nuthin' but eatin' carbs...we're talking majore carb bloat and flatulance galore today. And the worst part? I can't seem to stop it. The eating I mean. The gas, that I don't even try to stop.

Waiting with baited breath for that email, btw. :o) And I always know that even if no one else is stopping by, you're reading--comments or not. You're my rock! My beloved audience. Thanks for being a faithful fan!

Anonymous said...

Pizza is incidental when there are fried bits of dough around.

Mannyed said...

Dough glorious dough! Sounds like a great Friday night to me!!

daisyheadmaisey said...

himy frein jen guess whut i so excited bout halowen i get dres up like pirate lol an me an ant em bye oringe oroeo cooky and dunble stuff oroeo cooky to lol i so cited but i not fall off my bike though love daisy

mannyed said...

Is today, Fat Tuesday? Be sure to PIG OUT on the Halloween candy (and orange creme double stuffed oreos...)! Think I'll have pizza for dinner tonight.

R said...

Eat some of those orange filled OREO's and milk. I believe you indicated that it was an instant relief to being stuffed.

What are Zeppoles?


Jen said...

This post reminded me of Bridget Jones's Diary, my favorite book ever! Love it!