Wednesday, November 01, 2006

the day after halloween

as i was driving to work this morning, the day after halloween, this is what i didn't see:

no toilet paper hanging from the trees.

no house or car windows soaped

no pumpkins laying smashed to smithereens alongside the road.

i must admit that i was a little disappointed.

there were no visible signs that last night was halloween.

not that i'm advocating vandalism or anything, but a little judicious use of toilet paper would come amiss.

and whatever happened to "corning" cars?

does anybody even do that anymore?

does anybody even know what that is?

or is "corning" strictly a phenomenon that occurrs only in rural central pennsylvania?


Becca said...

We didn't even have one trick or treater. Kind of sad.

kilowatthour said...


um. what?

kay said...

I know not this "corning" of which you speak. Is it anything like "mooning"?

Maybee your frein Daisey nos.

; )