Friday, November 17, 2006

still sick

How sickness enlarges the dimensions of a man's self to himself - Charles Lamb

Still sick.

Becoming increasingly petulant.

Still not getting much sympathy from Himself.

This morning he told me with great heartlessness that the cold will probably settle into a sinus infection.

I suppose he'll want to cancel our date to see "Casino Royale"

The boss is buying us lunch today. Chinese, my favorite. Great. I can't taste a bloody thing. I might as well be eating wet cardboard.

You see?

Utter petulance.


Alicia said...

You tell Himself that the Mainebikerchick is gonna KICK HIS ASS if he doesn't start rubbing your feet, kissing your ass and pinching your boobies...oh, you don';t want your boobies pinched?? DAMN woman!! Guess that's what you get for WRITING ABOUT THEM all the time!!! Can't get my mind out of the gutter!!

kay said...

So I really wanted to be sympathetic and coo at you about not feeling well, and now all I can think is "Mmmmmmmmm. Chineeeeeeeeese."

Rest up this weekend. I need constant entertaining, and this is where I find it, so I can't have you deteriorating into a sinus infection.

Becca said...

Tell Himself that your sympathy factor is going to be really high when his turn rolls around. LOL!

Jess said...

Suggested script:
"If and when i develop a sinus infection, antibotics will no doubt clear it up in record time.

I'm thinking science hasn't found a way to cure blathering idiocy yet.

Or make fullly cooked meals and clean laundry appear as if from nowhere.

Bad luck for you, nincompoop."

(gotta love Winston Churchill... also, i really don't like nincompoop, but i was so excited that my spellchecker recongized it the other day, i've been using it everywhere... at least that's spelled correctly!)

Jeannie said...

Sending get well wishes your way. Isnt it amazing how men tend to ignore our misery, but woe to them when they are down? Skip the OJ and go straight for the chicken noodle soup. It sucks that you can't enjoy the chinese food...mmm yummy. Treat yourself soon as you're feeling better. And leave himself at home when you do. I hope you are feeling better soon.

daisyheadmaisey said...

jen you not nis#E about himself he yore husbaN maybehe not feel good sometime to i so cited about thanksgibing my freinruth and wiLmacome over an ant em sayi can make pie lovedaisy

Beth said...

You poor thing. I had bronchitits for 4 weeks really bad. Dont worry, just sneeze and cough all over Himselfs' will serve him right.

kay said...

Any better?

mannyed said...

How dare a cold ruin chinese food and Casino Royale!!

Is this a bad time to tell you that I saw Casion Royale over the weekend...

Anonymous said...

get better and go see Casino Royale ASAP.
....Casino 'Royale with Cheese'


Jen said...

I just read your comment on how I came up with the name of my daughter and all I have to say is, "Bertha?! Really?" You're a brave woman. But, you never know, it may grow on me and I'll be stealing it,,, you heard me, I'm stealing it!