Monday, November 06, 2006

i might be your daisyheadmaisey

I have a pest that visits my blog and leaves comments. The name of the pest is daisyheadmaisey.

Daisyheadmaisey is somewhat of an enigma. I don't know if this person is a he or she.

I'm not even sure if the pest is a real person or just somebody yanking my chain.

What I do know is that I don't much enjoy getting/reading comments from him/her.

Which led me to an epiphany the other morning while was washing my hair*

There are certain blogs that I visit and leave comments and never get a response.

Yet I keep returning to those blogs and keep reading and commenting in the hopes that these wonderful and witty people will bless me with a pithy response and that we will become the very best of friends and they will add me to their blogroll and all the other wonderful and witty people that read their blogs will come and read what I have written and that I will become a blog goddess!

It occurred to me that perhaps this is what the daisyheadmaisey character is attempting to do and I am the asshole who won't respond to his/her comments. You see, I've been to his/her blog and I found out that I really don't care about daisyheadmaisey and his/her life.

Which led me to the following conclusion: Could it be that the people at whose blogs I read and comment obviously aren't interested in what I have to say either?? Not interested in me and my fascinating life? Not completly drawn in and waitng with breathless anticipation for the next great boobie blog? I cannot fathom this. Yet it must be true.

And with that came the following: effect, I am their daisyheadmaisey.

And that, my friends, is just too painful to think about in broad daylight.

*have you ever noticed that epiphanies often come while washing your hair? does it have something to do with massaging the scalp that lets the thoughts just come to the surface? or am i the only one who has great thoughts while in the shower?


Anonymous said...

I think the same thing. There are several blogs that I will visit and have left comments...yet, they never come over and leave a comment. Its just RUDE.

you can be my daisyheadmaisey ANY day.

Sarah said...

Oooh, good question. But am I really that unenjoyable? I sure hope not! I like to think I have clever things to say once in awhile and somewhat interesting stories. But, maybe I'm wrong. Hmmmm...

kay said...

I kind of think "Who cares?" about the non-commenters, although I understand your point. If they don't want to become my friend in Blogville, then it's their loss. *I* know I'm great to be around, and enjoyable -- not to mention modest -- so they apparently don't know a good thing when they see it.

Whose site do you comment on who doesn't comment back? Is it David Shag? 'Cause I'll KICK his ass. I will. We're friends. Or is it Loofa? 'Cause I'll do the same to him!

(Maybe people aren't inspired to comment on my site...maybe they're just scared NOT to. Could that be possible?)

Non-commenters are silly.

As for DHM, I believe it's someone who thinks it's funny to trick people into thinking he/she is a disabled person trying to make friends via a blog.

I have several reasons for thinking this:

1) I'm pretty sharp, and I have a hard time with some of the requirements for the upkeep and operation of a blog. I have yet to meet anyone who would qualify as "special needs" who would be able to navigate alone, especially when it comes to posting pictures -- or in DHM's case: graphics. Which leads me to...

2)Why no pictures of him/herself? If this person were real, she/he would insist on posting pictures of real-life important things. It cannot be a "safety" issue, because simply being "out there" on a blog would present too much of a safety issue for the truly vulnerable child/adult.

(In my former life, I was a special ed teacher, and I am a champion of the underdog, so in NO WAY am I belittling the disabled or selling them short. I just know the basic capabilities.)

3)I also know that most disabled folks -- especially young people -- are capable of handling more topics than Oreo cookies and cookie jars, and their bicycles, and their Aunt Em. Every day is a new adventure, and, like the rest of us, they want to share their daily activities.

4)Like most people, the disabled typically keep "normal" hours, so they are not writing posts or comments at 2:13 a.m. or 5:58 a.m., as I have seen from DHM.

5)Finally, I am offended that this person is luring well-meaning people into commenting, then undoubtedly having a good laugh about what suckers they are.

To me, it's a disservice and an insult to special needs people everywhere. DHM is making a mockery of the mentally disabled, and it infuriates me.

If he/she chooses to read this, and feels compelled to respond to me, feel free.

But I don't think that'll happen. I think DaisyHeadMaisey is a coward.

And I think this comment got waaaaaaaaaaaay out of hand.

Those non-commenters don't know what they're missing here, if you ask me.

Becca said...

Who cares about DHM! Small minded person, really! Keep moving forward and find blogs you enjoy, ones that make you laugh, make you think. Life is too short for the petty sh** of life!


daisyheadmaisEy said...

hi my frein jen my frein rutH say i nise person an gran say i special i not git sad becuz my frein magic nise to me an she tellme not worrY about peeple i git more oroeo cooky todaY the min dubble stuff they so good

Anonymous said...

You are so not a DHM! I often read, but am far too lazy to comment. It takes a special level of energy and commitment. You are very entertaining, my soul sistah.

I agree with all of Kay's points. I've worked in the MR/DD field for 8 years and I've thought the same things. Someone with the ability to navigate the internet and start a blog would have better writing/punctuation skills. They as a population also get upset/mad and would surely talk about things other than Oreos after reading this post.

I'll probably get hate mail now.

Anonymous said...

hot d*mn! i love you all, sweet b*tches !especially Kay. but rock on all MR/MH/DD colleagues.
doesn't it just feel good when you find out there are many of you in silent and noble agreement.

DHM and 'Ruth'; I put it in my pipe and I am so smokin' it.

signed a very happily vindicated Sanna

Malathionman said...

WOW, Kay is out of control! :)

I think Becca is right. Don't give DHM a second thought.

Jess said...

You babe, are in no way a daisy head maisy!!!...

Agree with Kay, except that anyone with so much time on their hands, to leave annoying messages and construct dimwitted personas, has something wrong with them, whether or not they were ever deemed eligible for special services. (i'm ex spec. ed too!)...

I believe i told you the first time she/he responded that there should be some way to block comments from some people... but then maybe you'd block me too and i'd lose my only blog experience, albeit a vicarious one at that...

anyway, it's late but i refuse to go to bed until the senate race is decided... so i'm sleepy and rambling... but i had to weigh in.

mannyed said...

I don't believe for one second that people would consider you a DHM. There could be many reason why people don't return a comment. But I'm pretty sure it's not because you are their DHM. There is just no way, so go and take a long shower and have another epiphany, lol!

ami said...

Please don't think you're a DHM! I love to get your comments! You're one of the few people who still visits me regularly and occasionally leaves me a note. In fact, even though I don't always respond, I DO hold my breath waiting for your comments and new posts on your site. And I try to stop by as often as possible to visit, although I don't always leave comments...purely out of laziness, of course. :o)

Jen said...

I LOVE it when you leave comments on my blog. We don't know one another but the fact you are so kind to stop into my little corner of the web and tell me how beautiful my girl is is very nice. By the way,,, why haven't you been by lately? Didn't you see the pictures of my girl looking so cute in her halloween costume? So. cute. it. hurts.