Thursday, November 16, 2006

it's probably SARS

Let me preface this post by clarifying that I detest blog posts that are all about ill health.

Having said that……

I am sick.

I have a sore throat, a nagging cough and my ears are stopped up.

My husband is avoiding me so that he doesn’t get sick and keeps telling me to “drink orange juice or grapefruit juice”. But he doesn’t object to my germ-ridden self slaving over a hot stove to make him dinner.

In order to get some sleep I took some Tylenol night time cold remedy.

This allowed me to sleep.

But I had dreams all night long.

And they weren’t the good kind. You know, the sexy dreams that I have once a week about me making out with the guy from high school, but rather dark and disturbing ones. The ominous kind that you can’t remember when you wake up but leave you feeling distressed and out of sorts.

I’m probably contagious.

You should leave now before you get sick too.

Please feel free to take a complimentary bottle of Purell on your way out.


katielady said...


Sorry you are sick. I'm leaving now so I don't catch it. Being sick and pregnant is not a good thing.

kay said...

I'm sorry, but...hahahahahahahahahaha! This was really a funny post! (not the part about you being sick, but the part about... well, I guess some of it about you being sick is funny, but... Never mind.)

If you'd stop coughing on your keyboard, maybe we wouldn't be so apt to catch your crud.

Cover your mouth!

Becca said...

I am sorry you are sick. Hope that you feel better soon! Don't pass it this way, ok? ;-)

mannyed said...

Tell Himself to go and get you some orange juice and grapefruit juice next time he makes the suggestion. And put a little whine in it for pete's sake!

Feel better!

Jess said...

A few drops of grapefruit seed extract is much better than the juice... if that doesn't work by itself, take some echanacia (didn't spell this right) and also marshmallow for your throat, and stick some garlic in your ear (well... mulien and garlic oil is best, but... )..
Feel better.