Saturday, November 25, 2006

better late than never

I am thankful for the lemon meringue pie that Gma made at Thanksgiving.
I am thankful for Uncle Bruce and Aunt Ellen, who hosted Thanksgiving this year.
I am thankful for Vh1, who ran the entire first cycle of ANTM on Friday.
I am thankful for Himself, who didn’t say a word when he came home from work on Friday and saw me in the almost identical position on the couch as I was when he left, because I was watching the entire first cycle of ANTM.
I am thankful for the above run-on sentence.
I am thankful that I FINALLY got the bathroom sink unclogged.
I am thankful that I am leaving for PA Sunday night.
I am thankful that I have off Monday and Tuesday.
I am thankful that I am going to visit with my Mother on Monday and Tuesday, whilst Himself and Dad go hunting.
I am thankful that I don’t have to post again until Wednesday.
I am thankful that my cold cleared up.
I am NOT thankful for the free flowing snot and phlegm the cold left behind.

Until next Wednesday.

For those of you who don’t know….. ANTM = America’s Next Top Model, and I REALLY think Elyse should have won.


kay said...

Will you see the Liberty Bell? Or my Aunt Gayle and Uncle Darrell?

They're all in PA, you know.

I'm thankful you unlurked. You're one of my very favorites.

Jess said...

Oh no... now that Jen blogs, jess knows when she will be home, and might just expect a short phone call, or even... gasp... a drop by to admire the new house features and growing children... ok, ok, i know you'll be busy, but we'd love to see you. Jess

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the visit Jen dear. I just missed you but spent a nice time with your mum on Friday morn.
Happy Thanks and Givings to all

daisyheadmaisey said...

hi jen iHave nice thankgibingat ant ems house and rutH help me make pie it sogoOd yOu have nise vist with hImself and i ridE my bike las nite but it noT snow anmore love daisy

njaney said...

Hey Jersey!

Hope you enjoyed the holiday...and I guess I'll be back for Wednesday's post.

Bad phlegm. BAD BAD mucus. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

I ADORE ANTM....I have seen them all and DVR the new one so I wont miss a second!

Ooh and I tagged ya for a Meme...Six weird things about you...should be easy for ya! hehe.

mannyed said...

"you won't have to blog until wednesday"...are we that hard to entertain that we've become a chore? :o)

Jen said...

The only thing I love more than my child? Marathon sessions of a favorite tv show!!! I love that the next episode comes on directly after the previous one ended, pure joy! I especially love MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenges this way. I also LOVE full season DVDs of Grey's Anatomy and Sex and the City as well. No better way to spend a lazy afternoon than to have episodes of your favorite shows air one after the other!!! As you can tell, I really love tv marathons and now that I have made a turd of myself I will move onto your next post.