Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a monstrous headache.
I stumbled out of bed to the medicine cabinet, blindly shook out two Advil and fell back to sleep in the hopes that when I reawoke the headache would have vanished.
No such luck.
It had subsided from a scream to a dull roar, but it was still there, niggling at my temples and poking my eyes.
The headache followed me to work and as the day has worn on it is building back up into a scream.
Reasons for the headache?
Pick any one of the below:  
1) I slept funny on my pillow
2) I'm dehydrated
3) Tom turn on the kerosene heater
4) Onset of PMS
5) The weather - there must be a storm abrewin' 
I've been drinking lots of water to help but what else should I do?
Any suggestions for a surefire way of getting rid of a headache?


Sanna said...

pinch/rub/massage the skin web between your forefinger and your thumb. it's a pressure point.
think of something pleasant and don't dwell on the negative.
unfurrow your brow.

Jess said...

Feverfew... a few leaves on a sandwich, but really its a bitter solution... I'd just medicate and hydrate as long as its a short term thing...
I'd be more worried about the heater thing... best check it and make sure there is nothing wrong. Smells do it to me something fierce... Mags opens a bottle of fingernail polish anywhere in the house and i get an instant twinge...

Jess said...
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Jenster said...

Have your vision examined. Sometimes a new prescription makes all the difference.

Get a humidifier. If I don't keep one on when I sleep I wake up completely parched and feeling crappy.

More chocolate.