Tuesday, November 25, 2008


At work today I made a mistake.
I admitted to my boss that I made the mistake.
His response was to holler at me.
I don't mean a reprimand.
Oh no, he raised his voice and hollered at me.  
Nay, he roared at me.
He roared like a wounded bull.
He did this while he was on the cell phone all the way out in Brooklyn.
This is how my boss works.
He won't do it face to face but rather from a distance.
Remember the time he wrote me the note about internet usage while on company time?
He never actually addressed me personally. He sent me an email.
I guess I should be thankful that he's passive-aggressive like that.
But I gotta tell you, when he hollered at me with such ferocity, it took everything within me not to holler back.
Because it is my nature to smart-mouth.
Just ask my mother.


Misty said...

I did a review on a book of passive agressive notes...
I wonder if he was in there...

that sucks though. It's too bad too, that he couldn't just deal with you with some form of respect. I mean you were honest about your mistake. I'm sorry. At any rate, from one smart mouth to another, I hope your day gets better.

Melody said...

next email you send it do it in all CAPS - see how he likes being yelled at

Melody said...

okay - I guess I am passive aggressive too

Jenster said...

My whole family is passive-aggressive, except for me. I'm considered the bitch because I will actually (nicely but firmly) tell people how I feel. Sometimes it's good to be the family bitch.