Wednesday, November 26, 2008


this morning as i was walking out the front door, i slipped and fell on the icy front porch.

never fear, i did not break anything.

i'm just sore and bruised.

i would like to have seen a slow-motion video of me falling though, as i ended up spread-eagled on the front porch.

i landed with a resounding thud that actually made my husband put down the remote and come out to investigate the sound.

not only was the porch icy but so were the steps. since i was already down, i proceeded to navigate the steps on my bum.

great way to start a 4 day weekend!


Betsy said...

OK, I think you need to start leaving the house in a full-on sumo suit. Because you need something to break these falls!!!

Something to be thankful for: No broken bones.

Melody said...

Ouch! Bubble wrap - we are going to make you an outfit out of bubble wrap.

Happy turkey day

Sanna said...

Hello Himself - how about some salt on the steps?????