Wednesday, November 12, 2008

silver threads among the gold

Have we discussed the fact that I'm slowly going grey?

Wrinkles I don't mind.

The age spots that I'm convincing myself are really freckles I don't mind either.

But the silvery strands twinkling in the light?

I'm taking them as a personal insult.

It is unsettling.

I always said that I would go grey naturally.

But I didn't expect it to happen quite so soon.

So the question becomes... should I cover the grey or not?


Cory said...

God, yes. We have so little control over the rest of the aging process. I tweeze mine as I find them.

34 Years said...

I started greying in high school, and began coloring it in college. I started with L'Oreal from CVS until a few years ago when I sold out for professional dye jobs.

So yes...go for the color. It's fun, and you'll love it.

And're worth it.

Melody said...

If they bother you, yes. If not, heh screw' em.

Cory? Is that really you?

Ami said...

There's nothing wrong with covering gray. People color their hair all the time when it's not gray, so why not when it is? I say if you don't like the gray, color away! I'm pretty sure I will (in fact I may be already, but wouldn't know because I color my hair pretty regularly). :)

G Love said...

I'd say yes! Do it!

I'm the opposite of you. I don't mind the twinkly strands in my dark dark hair - I think they give me some credibility. But the wrinkles - DAMN the wrinkles - and the brown spots that have popped up on my face (due to pregnancy) that aren't going away. Those I can't STAND!

Anonymous said...

Take coffee berry for the age spots, it'll help them fade.

Absolutely cover the gray. You don't want McDonald's offering you the senior discount. Besides there are alot of great colors out there to choose from. You could be a new woman every month.


Jess said...

Professional if possible.
When can i come to NJ for a visit?

Jenster said...

Color! I've been prematurely gray since my early-teens. Color is my friend and it can be yours too.

Erin said...

I've been slowly going white since I was 22. Now they shine brightly and very noticeably in my hairline if I don't color it every month or so. I think coloring it is very much least for me. But I'm vain like that.