Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jacks and jump rope

Did you play jacks as a child? I played all through 4th grade. That was the year I moved from one school to another and the kids at the new school didn't play jacks so I introduced the game. We used to long for a rainy day recess so that we could play on the smooth classroom floor. I had a pretty,multi-colored ball. It was my lucky ball. I won often when I used it.

When we went outside for recess, we played Chinese jump rope. Which I also brought from the other school.

I wonder, do little girls still play these games?

And how about pick-up sticks? Do kids still play that?

I think I'm going to get these games for my little nieces for Christmas.

What games do you remember from your childhood?

In an aside....this was also the year that Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers had the hit "Islands in the Stream" and Stacy M. had a cassette player and she would play that song over and over again until we all knew it by heart.

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ojamam said...

Who taught me to play Cat's Cradle? Big Sis, or Neighbor K, or one of the cousins?
I used to like the four-way Funnel Ball hoops on the playground.
Hula hoops didn't do much for me, but I liked tossing bean bags for accuracy.