Saturday, November 28, 2009


Our house is so smelly. It is a combination of a nasty carpet, the couch and canned catfood.

Really makes you want to come visit, doesn't it?

I think for the new year we are going to invest in a new carpet or hardwood flooring (depends on my Christmas bonus) and a new couch. One that the cats won't shred.

How do you train cats not to claw on the furniture?


Betsy said...

Double-stick tape. Not carpet tape (which would destroy your furniture, too), but just a double-stick masking tape. I got mine at Walmart. Leave it on for a few weeks or a month. Cats can't stand the feel of it. It's how I trained my cats to quit walking on the gas pipes in the basement.

Susanna said...

go for the hardwood floor. please. please please