Monday, November 16, 2009


I like onions. The girls in my office do not. Normally, I would show consideration and not order onions on my Subway sandwich, but I like them too much to forgo them. My co-workers can just suffer and pray that I remembered my gum!!

Over the weekend I was watching Julia Child and Jacques Pepin prepare Thanksgiving dinner. Among the many side dishes was creamed onions. I always wanted to make them but thought it might be too complicated. After watching Julia I realized that there is nothing to it. Just peel the pearl onions, saute them in butter, add white pepper and cream bring to a boil and then let the liquid reduce. Easy-peasy.

I also like Funyuns. Mostly made of cornmeal, they are onion flavored and a guilty pleasure.

I like the smell of fresh cut onion grass.

My grandparents used to make beautiful brown Easter eggs from onion skins. It is a dying art. Dying....get it?!?

Tom is a fan of my onion dip and requests it for parties. All it is, is a packet of Lipton french soup and sour cream mixed well and chilled. But I'm a star every time I make it.

I've said this before, my mother told me a long time ago that if you want to fool your husband into thinking that dinner is on the way, start frying up some onions. The smell permeates the house. There is nothing quite like the smell of frying onions.

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ojamam said...

I SO agree with you on everything.