Sunday, March 16, 2008

Chores and such

Because I know you are so very interested in the minutiae of my I did NOT do the following:

1) Clean out refrigerator
2) Clean the tub and toilet
3) Dust
4) Address Easter cards that I mean to send to each and every one of you or at least those of you whose address I have
5) Vacuum the living room
6) Fold clean underwear and put away

But I DID:
1) Finish my latest book
2) Start a new one
3) Three loads of laundry
4) Made pancakes for breakfast
5) Swept kitchen floor
6) Watched a Rita Hayworth/Gene Kelly musical


Dana said...

I found the funniest danged Easter card the other day...OH my word did I truly laugh out loud right there in the aisle...I won't say it here since you are sending some to people, don't want to ruin it for them...

Way to go on the stuff you did do...
pancakes and a musical? That was a day...

Betsy said...

Well, I would say that is a day well-spent. Especially the book part.

Misty said...

I would like to take a moment to congratulate you for devoting your time and priority to the most important things needing done! A girl after my own heart!

Anonymous said...

In my experience the minute you get all those things done, you have to do them again.

Which movie did you watch?


PhantomMinuet said...
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smtwngrl said...

What books were/are you reading?

Also, that's a lot of stuff to get done! Doesn't it seem like those chores are never ending?