Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today I cleaned out my cupboards.

When I cleaned out the cupboard holding all my baking supplies, I discovered that I have accumulated quite a few containers of sprinkles:

1) Farm animals - chicks and ducks and cows and sheep in colors not found on any living, breathing animal
2) valentines day- pink and red and white hearts
3) 4th of july - red, white and blue
4)2 jars of halloween - one of traditional orange and black and one with green and purple
5) autumn mix - orange and yellow and red leaves
6) Christmas
7) Football season - little footballs and helmets - i even have cookie cutters to go with these
8) plain chocolate
9) red and green sanding sugar
10)two packs of cupcake papers - easter and christmas

The worst part?

I don't even bake cookies or cupcakes.

I just like the idea of baking.

And all the pretty colors.

I think I have a problem.

Anybody want them?


Teacher Bee said...

I'm right there with you. All of my baking ingredients, brownie mixes, etc. are on the top shelves (hardest to reach) not as a way to prevent myself from making goodies, but because I don't care to; and yet going down the aisle in the grocery store, everything sounds good at the time. I prefer pre-packaged Little Debbie's and break and bake cookies.

Dana said...

I love to bake...especially in the winter. If you can call what Houston gets for one or two days "winter".

The sprinkles sound great, but I don't use them...

1. You could put them on some ice cream.
2. Put them on store bought cakes or cup cakes to spruce them up and give them that "I made this myself" look.
3. Eat them straight out of the jar like candy.
4. Raffle them and raise money for the poor.
5. Yeah, that's it...

PhantomMinuet said...

Speaking of sprinkles, one of the women in my parish is the writer of the Cake Doctor books, Ann Byrns, and she has one called "The Cupcake Doctor" that I've been wanting to buy for ages. :-)