Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Reasons why it is tough to work with women:

1) One week someone is on a diet and cranky
2) Your outfit is always being scrutinized and you can’t wear the same thing on Monday and Friday
3) Stinky perfume applied liberally
4) It is either too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter
5) Another week someone else is on a diet and we can’t order Domino’s
6) Who cares about your mother-in-law?!?
7) Nobody says a word about the fact that since you’ve come back after being away three months because you felldownthestepsandbrokeyourleg, you’ve dropped almost 15lb and are looking pretty good

Need I say more?!?


mk99 said...

I've been meaning to say something - you are looking good :-))

Misty said...

this is a GREAT list... Agh!

Knitting Kris said...

Referring to #7 - they are jealous that you didn't remain on your couch, eating bon-bons and gain #15 lbs. I'm convinced that they would have said something then.

Anonymous said...

You're right.



jenontheedge said...

I work only with men, so I wouldn't know.

Betsy said...

I concur. Working with women can be difficult. hang in there, and strut your sexy self down the hall with no apologies!

Beth said...

mean bitches!!!

Jen said...

I worked with men the majority of my professional career (before mommyhood) and then took a job where I worked mostly with women. I lasted six months. I couldn't take the cattiness. Finding a mommy group that was supportive and non-judgemental was ridiculously difficult, but cool women DO exist! And I haven't seen you, but I'm sure you look awesome! congrats!